The Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack Fires Shots At The Liberal Narrative

Photo of the Charlie Hebdo office shows blood-stained wooden floors, papers strewn across the corridor. More photos at the Daily Mail.

…Immediately after twelve people were shot by members of a “mostly peaceful” religion, we have world leaders engaging in mass hypocrisy that reveals their hatred for free speech and free press as practiced by their own citizens while their lapdogs in the media are tripping over themselves to defend Islam before the dead bodies become cold.

Why are Muslims being treated with such deference while not even two months ago the entire media erupted in a rage ten times greater than what we’re seeing now against a college fraternity for an anonymous rape accusation at the University of Virginia that turned out to be a complex hoax? Has the Western world lost its mind?

Some context is in order. The Western elite, especially in Europe, got into power by pushing peace, harmony, equal opportunity, and multiculturalism, but beneath these feel-good concepts includes the blueprint for destruction of the very force that threatens their power: nationalism. Introducing massive numbers of Muslims, Mexicans, or destitute Somalian refugees into your nation reduces the likelihood that you will look to your neighbor and see someone like you, a brother-in-arms who can help you rise up against the cyclical inevitability of a corrupt government ruling over you.

Now that you see a dozen different colors surrounding you on the subway and in the Starbucks, some of whom are looking at you suspiciously, you feel distrustful of these outsiders because they have a different background and belief system than you do. You find yourself in a diluted world culture with standardized gadgets, entertainment, and government-friendly talking points conveniently disseminated by all media outlets. Now instead of looking to your neighbor to help fight against governmental oppression, you will seek comfort in your own amusements, Facebook feeds, internet memes, and legalized marijuana. You turn inwards to satisfy your hedonistic needs while allowing the government to run over your rights and push policies that you feel increasingly helpless to fight in your social isolation…

It is a different perspective and I am not sure if I entirely agree.  The right-wing interest in multiculturalism is restricted to importing cheap labour.   As for the left, I am frankly still unable to figure them out.