Talking Points Memo piece accuses Charlie Hebdo of ‘racism’

The tweet links to this op-ed by Erin Polgreen and rather than explain the racism accusation, the piece doesn’t actually mention race or racism at all.

There is this criticism, however:

But Charlie Hebdo isn’t sacred, either. It often crossed the line. In a comprehensive overview of Charlie Hebdo’s track record, Jacob Canfield writes that “[w]hile they generously claim to ‘attack everyone equally,’ the cartoons they publish are intentionally anti-Islam, and frequently sexist and homophobic.” Canfield cites one example in particular, a cover in which Boko Haram sex slaves were drawn as welfare moms.

Since when does one’s religion, gender or sexual orientation make one a different “race”?

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  • ontario john

    Oh my God, they ridiculed gays. The bastards, now they are in real trouble. I noticed the Toronto Star has a new story on its website. No, its not about muslims killing everybody in sight. You guessed it, the ethnic cleansing of muslims in the Central African Republic.

  • Re-posted from Twitchy:

    “Charlie Hebdo offended everyone with their badly drawn, inflammatory
    cartoons. In a free society, you can debate these points, ignore them or
    agree with them. As the popular press is willing to ignore Islamist
    terror where it may occur, I see no reason why it should resurrect Boko
    Haram’s crimes and the recent shootings in France just so it can morally
    preen in front of everyone. If the cartoonists ‘had it coming’ because
    of alleged racism, do Yazidi women, Iraqi Christians and Jews likewise
    ‘have it coming’ because they are alive? There were no cartoons drawn to
    my knowledge. I guess merely existing is offensive enough.”

    • winniec

      The point of Charlie is they have been USING the freedoms we love and demonstrating that we can use them!
      They are our heroes.
      Je suis Charlie.

      • I wouldn’t go so as to call them heroes.

        They are, however, victims that will be ignored.

  • winniec

    Leftarded cultural Marxists are pseudointellectuals and therefore have but one insult ‘racist’. They believe that will win every argument. We need to ask them the ‘race’ of pseudointellectual.

  • mauser 98

    white guilt liberals crawl out from rocks…expected

  • Xavier

    …the cartoons they publish are intentionally anti-Islam, and frequently sexist and homophobic.

    As opposed to what, being accidentally anti-Islam or sexist or homophobic? Does the writer understand what satire is? What sort of effing idiot penned this crap?

  • mauser 98

    Christopher Hitchens School A Muslim on Free Speech

  • Hard Little Machine

    I see no reason not to kill the staff of TPM.

  • bob e

    what if the religion of peace killed 1/2 the cast members of saturday nite live ??
    .. please give me your insight .. you critical wonders ..