School backs prof who says Asian immigration has damaged Vancouver

The University of New Brunswick, citing academic freedom, is supporting a professor who claims that Asian immigration has damaged Vancouver.

In a statement issued Wednesday on sociology professor Ricardo Duchesne, a university vice-president said the school’s mission and values support freedom of thought and expression while maintaining the highest ethical standards and a respectful environment.

Robert MacKinnon also said a complaint about the issue by Vancouver city Councillor Kerry Jang has been “carefully reviewed and addressed.” However, the statement provides no detail on that process or outcome.

The university declined to provide more detail Wednesday or an interview with a university official.

Mr. Jang scoffed at the response, calling it “vague,” and said he has never heard from the University of New Brunswick about the issue, which first flared up last summer when he became aware of Prof. Duchesne’s views.

“I don’t know if they actually did anything and this is just a way of defending a faculty member, circle the wagons,” said Mr. Jang, who is also a professor of psychiatry at the University of British Columbia.

  • G

    “the issue, which first flared up last summer when he became aware of Prof. Duchesne’s views.”

    Yes, gawd forbid that someone, somewhere doesn’t think or speak in a manner in which you approve of.

    Professor Duchesne doesn’t go far enough. He could have added Calgary to his remarks as well as Vancouver.

    But politicians, judges, lawyers and journalists don’t have to live near immigrants or interact with them in any real way (except for a few domesticated, pet immigrants they keep around for cocktail parties). So of course since it’s not their problem who cares? Right?

    • johnbrooks3

      I don’t think Calgary is near what you say.

      • G

        Try riding a bus or going to Cross Iron Mills mall on a Saturday (or walmart on any other day). It’s an english free zone.

        If you eat a meal in a crowded family restaurant you need to wear a gawdam raincoat to avoid getting hit by food chunks spit out while all the orientals are eating and shouting at each other when they are sitting two feet away from each other. You also damned near need to communicate with american sign language because you can’t hear yourself think.

  • AmicusC

    “He’s only providing one view to students and shaping their minds,” he said. “That whole academic enterprise of why we send our kids to school to become broad thinkers is not being upheld”
    I almost spite out my coffee reading this part. especially coming from a province that is trying to prevent a Christian based law school.

  • ontario john

    Shhhhh, we must not do anything to upset China. They control the western purse strings. Do you want to get banned from walmart?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How do the Chineese improve Vancouver by displacing native Candian Whites?
    How does that work?

    • ntt1

      It fulfills the self hatred and suicidal notions of progressives, whites are to be sent in exile for our sins and a new culture substituted. a culture that will be so grateful to progressivism that a new age of intercultural harmony will blossom ,with the farsighted progressive cadre leading the way of course.
      The problem is the new culture coming in have a fixation on 1930s style robber baron capitalism overlaying a deep dismissive racism . they have had first hand experience with progressivisms ugly older cousin; collectivized communism and reject it root and stem.

    • johnbrooks3

      One sad thing that happened in Vancouver is the all the grandiose homes being torn down for mega block looking houses for Asian multi-families.

  • James Hamilton

    Only a willfully blind person can’t see how the immigration from Asia has already destroyed this once ‘beautiful’ region.
    Most areas have changed, for worse, beyond recognition.
    No neighbourhood is untouched except few where the elites live.

  • James Hamilton

    “Mr. Jang also said Prof. Duchesne’s views on Asian immigration to B.C. are simply untrue. “It really comes across as very white supremacist. That’s just not Canada. It’s a country of immigrants.”

    “White Supremacist”;
    That’s all they could shout, when they’ve no logic to counter his factually accurate statement.

    “It’s a country of immigrants”;
    Yes, but what kind of immigrants?? Certainly not from the backward, underdeveloped countries. This nation was made possible by the toils of civilized immigrants who came from a already developed & civilized society viz. western Europe.

  • johnbrooks3

    Hongkouver. Visited my old high school in Vancouver and I think I saw 3 whites and the rest were Asian. This is in the west side, near Granville Street.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    That wasn’t a bad article coming from the Globe. I hope the Dal dental students receive fair treatment as well and that Dal authorities don’t cave into the mob mentality. I’ve posted above our MFU the Library’s Bill of Rights: Freedom of Expression.

    Excerpt: David Robinson, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, said from Ottawa that he expected the University of New Brunswick will be “risk averse” around this issue due to bad publicity. Still, he said he thought the university has “done the right thing” by essentially saying they looked into the complaint, found no substance to it, and that the professor in question has academic freedom.

    “For some people, these are deeply offensive views and I understand that completely,” said Mr. Robinson, whose association represents 68,000 members across Canada.

    “But I think there’s greater harm done if we suppress free speech and violate academic freedom than if we allow an individual to express his or her viewpoint in the broad light of day and allow the academic community and other researchers to look at the claims being made and determine whether or not they are supported by evidence.”