Saudi Arabia to flog activist for blasphemy on Friday: Amnesty

Western viewpoint on Saudi Arabia: Prince Charles visits and has a grand time.

(Reuters) – A liberal activist sentenced to prison and flogging in Saudi Arabia will face a first round of lashes on Friday, rights watchdog Amnesty International said on Thursday.

public-flogging-PakistanPhotos of flogging in Saudi Arabia are hard to find. Here is one from Pakistan.

Raif Badawi, who set up the “Free Saudi Liberals” website, was arrested in June 2012 and charged with offences ranging from cyber crime to disobeying his father and apostasy, or abandoning his faith.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a fine of 1 million Saudi riyals ($266,666) and 1,000 lashes last year after prosecutors challenged an earlier sentence of seven years and 600 lashes as too lenient.

“Amnesty International has learned that the imprisoned Saudi Arabian activist Raif Badawi will be flogged in public after Friday prayers tomorrow in front of al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah,” the international rights group said in a statement.

It said Badawi would receive 50 lashes on Friday and the rest of the sentence would be carried out over a period of 50 weeks. His website included articles critical of senior Saudi religious figures and others from Muslim history.

A spokesman for the oil-rich Gulf kingdom’s Justice Ministry was not immediately available for comment…

Some are trying to stop it, although this article gives no further details than the Reuters report, except that he will be “lashed very severely”.  

There is an online petition at Amnesty International (I signed it) but I doubt it will do any good.  The West has already given its blessing (see top picture). 

  • ontario john

    Maybe with the low price of oil, Saudi Slavery can sell tickets to floggings during ramadan ding dong as all the muslims gather in mecca to worship satan.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      • ontario john

        Mosque in Toronto??

  • chayisun

    I’m assuming Obama will protest by threatening to send Michelle over there to lecture the Saudi Prince….Take your pick as to which one…..On their eating habits. AND Prince Charles will threaten to send back the big sword they gave him and his copy of the koran. Camilla will, of course, not be too happy as she was using the pages for the bottom of her bird cage.

  • Kinneddar

    I signed the Amnesty International petition too, but we must do much more. We can put our comments (polite but strongly worded) in the comments box of this contact page (it’s the Saudi Embassy in Washington):

    Or we can email to

    I’ve done this before for other atrocious cases and never received a reply, but I believe it has an effect. The Saudi embassy in Canada doesn’t seem to have clear contact info.

    The only thing that will save Badawi is if the Saudis feel the sting of world opinion. They must be made to see that the modern world views this type of punishment as medieval and sadistic. Badawi’s “crimes” are nothing more that the exercise of his rights as a free human being.

    • Kinneddar

      The Saudi website comments don’t seem to be working, but I sent an email to the Embassy.

  • Rosenmops

    Soddy Barbaria (as Gary at Pislamonausia Central calls it) doesn’t give a damn what we think. Remember they keep slaves and behead witches there. And all the universities in Canada raise money by admitting as many Soddy students as they can get.

  • Linda1000

    Here is the background article on this case from Gatestone – same author. Badawi’s wife and three kids now live in Canada.

    Saudi Arabia’s latest “friendly, open and attractive” sentence against Raif Badawi consists of:
    1. Ten years in prison for creating the Saudi Liberal website and insulting Islam.
    2. 1,000 lashes, completed in 20 sessions in front of a mosque, for creating the “Saudi Arabian Liberals” website and insulting Islam.
    3. One million riyal fine [$266,000].
    4. Ten year ban on travel abroad after his release.
    5. Ten year ban from participating in visual, electronic and written media after his release.

    His lawyer (on right below, Badawi is on left) has also been sentenced to 15 years in prison, big fine and travel ban

  • nukemecca

    Here is the Saudi connection to Hebdo massacre: (funny how there is always a saudi connection but no one does anything about it).

  • Pete_Brewster

    Only flogging? I suppose they keep the bullets for uppity kuffar.