• Drunk_by_Noon

    You know, we all love to bitch about “the nanny state” but when the alternative is “bribes = no commercial vehicle inspections” kind of a state, that regulation doesn’t look so bad.

    • Every year they blitz transport trucks, every year they haul in massive numbers of dangerously un-maintained vehicles in Ontario.

      Plus poorly supervised driver licensing has turned trucking into the 3rd world taxi business here. Dangerous drivers abound.

      I steer well clear of transports on the highway after a near miss several years ago. A tandem dump truck’s drive shaft exploded sending a length of housing straight at my car. Luckily it landed on the highway just in front of me taking out the front bumper, denting the passenger side front rim and then gouging a tear along the passenger side front door.

      As the Cop said – “You’re lucky, these things don’t usually end well”.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I wonder if these unmaintained big rigs are coming from in Canada?
        They shouldn’t be coming from America (I say shouldn’t) if only because our truckers are complaining about the oppressive DOT inspections that the Mexican truckers do not have to comply with, as they comply with their own inspection regimen administered by Mexico, and we all know that means non-existent.

        Are there any Mexican long-haul trucks making their way to Canada?

        • Clink9

          Seems to lots of 3rd world guys driving big rigs around Toronto. Just add snow and sit back and watch the fun.

          I’ve seen the results of some of their workplace accidents while getting them fixed at shady places.

        • Blacksmith

          Yes there are, I was in Toronto putting in a machine a couple years ago and of the 4 trucks that brought the machine from the US two were driven by Spanish speakers, the rigs were junk even though the trailers seemed okay.I put a machine in in Missouri last spring and 3 of 4 were driven by Spanish speakers one rig had to be towed out after we unloaded as it wouldn’t start. These were arranged by a German freight forwarder.

      • Minicapt

        Not a qualified spear-catcher?


  • eMan14

    Apparently small truck driving schools in Ontario are unregulated. And seeing the state of driving in Brampton… I believe that.

  • Mal

    Jeez! What are the chances?

  • Dave In Guelph

    Roadside Urination 0, Rogue Truck Tire 1

  • Blacksmith

    DAYUM! now that is really gonna leave a mark.