NYT and the Charlie Hebdo massacre

NYT has an editorial on the subject. It opens by praising the French.

The brutal terrorist attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday has badly shaken France. But the French have reacted with a fierce determination to defend their freedoms. President François Hollande, speaking from outside the magazine’s office a couple of hours after the murder of 12 people, was crystal clear: This was an assault, he said, on “the expression of freedom” that is the “spirit of the republic.”

Then, of course, they appear to defend freedom of speech:

There are some who will say that Charlie Hebdo tempted the ire of Islamists one too many times, as if coldblooded murder is the price to pay for putting out a magazine. The massacre was motivated by hate. It is absurd to suggest that the way to avoid terrorist attacks is to let the terrorists dictate standards in a democracy.

But actually reprinting the cartoons at NYT is not in the cards. Instead, they quickly segue into ranting about Marine Le Pen:

This is also no time for peddlers of xenophobia to try to smear all Muslims with a terrorist brush. It is a shame that Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front party, which has made political gains stoking anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim fears, immediately sought political advantage with talk of “denial and hypocrisy” about “Islamic fundamentalism.”

President Hollande has wisely appealed for national unity. His sentiments were echoed by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who asked the public to avoid the temptation to “lump together” terrorists with Muslims, and he called for a united front against terrorism. Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Grand Mosque in Paris, expressed his community’s anguish over the attack. He did not mince words: “This is a deafening declaration of war,” he said.

They conclude on the note that they thoroughly approve of the hashtag campaign #JeSuisCharlie.

But hashtags campaigns have proved completely useless against Muslim terrorists. Where are the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram? They are gone and forgotten.

Many of the comments highlighted as “NYT Picks” are negative.  A reader going by “Occupy Government” says

You think this was about islam? it isn’t. this is about people who believe they can impose their faith, (opinions, politics, sexual preferences, etc.) on others. it’s not about Islam, but about us.

WTF does that even mean? Another pick:

And, by the way, upsetting all Muslims is a really great way of radicalizing a population.

Another comment they thought worth “picking” says:

Although I believe in freedom of the press, I do believe depicting another’s prophet naked and in sexual positions is over the top. Do, I believe such a response was appropriate, of course not. But, why is it we teach our children not to bully and torment others, but it doesn’t apply in adult life, where the lack of stableness can be seen all around us, also?

The one thing NYT could do in reprint the cartoons. But they won’t. One comment with many recommendations (“likes”) and also a “pick” says

“Je suis Charlie?”

If we truly mean this then we should tweet, share, send and display those “offending” cartoons to as many people as we can.

Just like we asked Sony to stand up to the North Korean dictator, every media outlet should publish those cartoons, on their front pages, in unison.

Otherwise, it’s just words, and the terrorists will have won.

We are waiting, NYT. Do you really support free speech or not?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Maybe they should change it to:
    Je suis un peu comme Charlie

    Yes, that works much better!

    • Frau Katze

      They are cowards.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Of course they are cowards, but there is nothing the coward loves more than the patina of being thought courageous.
        That they should actually DO something courageous is impossible because they will always be cowards.

      • Raymond Hietapakka


  • The Goat

    More like “Je suis Vichy”.

  • Dana Garcia

    At first, I though “Je suis Charlie” was great. Spartacus and all that, really a terrific moment in film.


    But then I saw lots and lots of photos of people with that sign, and NOBODY with a cartoon print.

  • Martin B

    It’s not absurd to suggest that the way to avoid terrorist attacks is to never let anything that might offend the Muzz come out of your newsroom. Right, NYT editors?

  • Pete_Brewster

    The Grey Lady, judging by previous performance, won’t call evil by its name until the men are finished defeating it. They won’t have a cross word for Islam until the Star of David flies over the ashes of Riyadh and Doha.

    On the contrary, their response to the latest Muslim atrocity is to insist that the only major party in France to take Islam’s menace seriously be silenced, rather than the pack of traitors who thought it was a smart idea to let the Beurs into France at all.

    For more in the “Muslims kill twelve, incorrigible leftists most affected” vein, here’s the Grauniad on how “mourners in France fear political backlash.”


  • Billy Bob Thornton

    How many times to people have to believe that these wars are necessary and to be made scared.

    That is how we lose our liberties. That is how we get the police state.

    That is how we keep getting divided.

    That is how the wars occur.

    How many victories have the West won since 9/11? Not to many by my count and they continue playing these games with taxpayer money that is not theirs.

    That is the question that should be posed. We are sub-divided into smaller and smaller groups.

    Instead movements that are political should be for anti-globalist and protectionist movements to reform the economies of Europe. That has to be the case since many of the economies of Europe are failing and the best way to divert attention is to use fear!

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      The real thing that has to be asked is what is this leading to? We are being made to think certain ways hence all the coverage. Frankly, all mainstream parties agree with each other and are only slightly different. If we want real change, we cannot believe anything the mainstream parties say and the media and simply believe in change and about fixing our societies and economies rather than being distracted. If you haven’t noticed Europe has 12 to 19% unemployment thanks to the political classes. Why believe them now?!

      • David

        “The real thing that has to be asked is what is this leading to?”

        It’s leading to your head being detached from your shoulders.

  • occupant 9

    As for “lumping” all Muslims together with their more ardent co-religionists, well, it appears that all of us non-Muslims are “lumped” together as infidels, kuffars and not deserving of respect.

    I’m going to lump all day long.

  • CMH

    I cannot read further than the headline it has made so sick…..what an evil, evil thing to do to the murdered cartoonists (war heroes). I am truly sickened and speechless.

  • Xavier

    Terrorism works, and we need to adopt its techniques.

    • What does that mean?

      • Xavier

        It means that we must make the Moslems afraid of us, just as they are attempting to make us afraid of them. An Islamic threat is enough to completely disrupt normal life in a Western society; that tactic needs to be turned against the Moslems to neutralize their effectiveness.

    • Alain

      Terrorism is working, but the response should be to show we refuse to be terrorised. That would entail reprinting the cartoons in question by all the MSM in the West, but then that requires integrity and courage instead of the false claim they stand with Charlie.

      • Xavier

        All true. The MSM will never insult Islam – they are anti-Christian comrades who want to overthrow Western Civilization.