North America’s fear of offending #CharlieHebdo

Several years ago, when I was between better jobs and working at a crappy breakfast restaurant, one of our waiters pressed a copy of Charlie Hebdo into my hands. He was from Paris, and knew I was into political cartoons.

“You must read ziz,” he said, “you will love eet!”

And I did. Charlie Hebdo was like nothing I’d seen.

  • Exile1981

    Good article and good points about how satire in north america is a weapon of the left and is only allowed to be used to attack the right.

    • Yes it’s very true, the left and islam are equally touchy when the light finds them.

  • Xavier

    White House says President Obama is receiving a briefing from his national security advisers on the Paris attack; says there is no specific threat to US other than Obama himself – @Reuters

    I uh might have added a few words at the end there.