Little Dhimmis at Ceeb Toronto Headquarters Refuse to Blaspheme By Showing #CharleiHebdo Cartoons

What’s the CBC’s position on showing the Motoons? You may not be surprised to learn that, all in all, it’s in keeping with the sharia law position on showing ’em. As Ceeb bigwig David Struder ‘splains, “We aren’t showing cartoons making fun of the Prophet’s, quite simply, offensive to Muslims as a group.”

And, Allah knows, we can’t have that sort of thing up here in the true north strong and free.


But Piss Christ Is Just Fine By CBC Standards!

CBC News has decided not to publish cartoons from Charlie Hebdo that feature the Prophet Muhammad.

CBC Q Piss Christ

  • Xavier

    I am telling you now: before this is over, you will be arrested for making comments online that are insulting to Moslems.

    Not hate speech. Not threats. Nothing precise. If Moslems say it hurts their feelings – and their precious religion is as fragile as fine china – then you are going to gaol.

    • If Justin Trudeau gets in count on it.

      • Xavier

        I’m expecting a statement from Obama about how free speech “does not include insulting The Prophet, PBUH” and some increased powers for DHS to curtail online discussion.

      • winniec

        Justin Trudeau is a first class dhimmi and vote whore. He’s a very shallow pseudointellectual.

        • Exile1981

          He’s been pampered his whole life and I bet e took forever to potty train. He has that look about him, to lazy and spoiled to bother to learn to use a toilet.

          • Rosenmops

            To dumb.

    • SMC_BC
      • eMan14

        Holy Crap, I didn’t realize it was that bad already.

  • Rosenmops

    Notice how they call him “Prophet” Mohammed.

    On SUN News yesterday somebody said that is equivalent to saying “Our Lord Jesus”.

    • Yup that was a great piece by Ezra.

    • occupant 9

      This disgusting feature is prevelant across the media landscape. For such a group that ridicules others in their religious beliefs they sure have a knee-jerk response and have little trouble saying “prophet” Mo, instead of qualifying it with the MUSLIM’S “prophet.”

      Our media is brave in a hiding under the bed kind of way.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    What’s more offensive is the expensive lack of talent and imagination at the Communist Broadcasting Cabal.

    • Why do we have to pay for the CBC? It is a cesspit.

      • Xavier

        Public media should be funded by the public…
        voluntarily! I had no idea anything was worse than NPR and PBS until I saw here what the CBC was.

      • Achmed

        Don’t attack the CBC. It’s a great project to employ my people when they arrive here and for our friends the socialists!

  • Allan L

    A Canadian has already been sentenced o 18 months in jail for expressing his opinion about Islam and Muslims on a public bus. How can this possibly happen in Canada? It’s Dhimmi judges, politicians, News Outlets, that will turn this country over to the Islamists and we’ll all be living under Sharia Law.

  • northernont
    • Xavier

      Socialists hate religion, and they especially hate Judeo-Christianity.

      • occupant 9

        Socialists do not hate Islam.

        • moraywatson

          Because socialists mistake islam as beng just another special interest group they can pander to for votes.

  • What about non-Muslims?. I find Islam the scum of the earth.

    So it is OK Muslims can kill non-Muslims and the non-Muslims can’t even talk about it.