It’s time we backlashed back against the phony Muslim backlash… #CharlieHebdo

The F&cking Gall…

Islamic Leaders Condemn Paris Attack, Some Warn Against Backlash

* “We, as Turkey, condemn with hatred any kind of terror,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in Ankara. “We are against any form of terror regardless of where it comes from and what its motives are.”

The pro-government Turkish Islamist newspaper Yeni Akit headlined a story on its website: “Attack on the magazine that insulted our prophet.”

Sheikh Adnan Amama, a member of Lebanon’s Committee of Muslim Scholars, said that while he doesn’t support the attack, it came as a response to “extremism from the other side.” “When freedom of thought oversteps boundaries and legitimizes and encourages the insult of other religions, there will be such consequences,” Amama, a Sunni Muslim, said by phone.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Cultural backlashes against Islam save lives.

    We can all do something.
    Even if all you can manage at the time is a silent but disapproving look, that is something.

    • Exile1981

      One place I used to work did a monthly pot luck for the staff; I made it a point to include pork every time I made a dish for the pot luck.

  • Xavier

    At some point citizens are going to realize their government, with media assistance, is sacrificing their culture in favor of Islam and then there’s going to be a real backlash.

    • David Murrell

      Even today, the corporate liberal media cartel refuse to publicize Charlie Hebdo’s offending cartoons, out of deference to the Islamist muderers’ feelings. This is a disgrace. As one commentator mentioned yesterday, ALL media should band together and to publicize the cartoons.

  • Xavier

    “When freedom of thought oversteps boundaries and legitimizes and encourages the insult of other religions, there will be such consequences,” Amama, a Sunni Muslim, said by phone.

    Not. An. Islamic. Moslem.

    • Porky17

      My reply to Amama, a Sunni Muslim:

      “FUC* OFF to you, all your imams, the epileptic warlord mohamsandwich, and your satanic cult! While muzloids can be good people, it is only to the degree they ignore Islam.”

  • ontario john

    The cbc forces of “nothing to do with islam” are busy this morning. The cbc is upset that conservative groups will back lash against peace loving islam.

    • David Murrell

      The CBC supports Islam since the religion is profoundly anti-democratic and anti-Western in its outlook. Islam is profoundly anti-human rights, as is the CBC. So the jackboots at our public broadcaster are working overtime to sanitize this latest massacre.

      • mobuyus

        Look how long the cbc kept and fawned over that woman-bashing Iranian.I find the fascism at the cbc to be more of the pink fuzzy-chaps than jackbooted sort.

  • Ed

    This is a time that calls for… Justin Trudeau.

  • Barrington Minge

    This minority bunch of mooslim throwbacks make me so mad.
    They live by a set of barbaric 7th century rules which have no place in modern civilised society and then expect us to be sympathetic when their so called religion sparks off violence?
    We cannot and must no appease these pseudo-religious thugs.
    Do they not understand that the reason why we “normal” people ridicule their so called religion is because of the way they behave in the face of normal civilised behaviour.
    If they cannot abide to live in modern civilised society ( ie the West ) then they should take their evil barbaric customs back where they came from.
    Je suis Charlie.

  • Words cannot legitimately be answered by violence. This is what Moslems have not yet understood.

    “When freedom of thought oversteps boundaries and legitimizes and encourages the insult of other religions, there will be such consequences,” Amama, a Sunni Muslim

  • Hard Little Machine

    There will be no backlash for two reasons, 1) the statement warning us is itself a threat to citizens that more people will be killed and 2) the media caved a decade ago.

  • roccolore

    There is no backlash because Muslims are not the victims.

  • pdxnag

    Turkey’s response in a nutshell: Daring to oppose a dead man’s will – dead for 14 centuries – must be met with death.

    This is what is meant every single time that a nutty evil Muslim first says there is freedom of speech but immediately follows up with the generic demand that there must be dire and definitive consequences. It is the same insane logic that says that the West and Islam are compatible. One must yield, and always the first.

    So, is there or isn’t there a Sharia law calling for the death for blasphemers against evil Mo? It is insanely stupid to simultaneously say in one sentence that there isn’t such a law and that there is such a law, to eagerly call for someone to enforce it.

    The “extremism” and terror here is the cartoons. The response is just Islam, ordinary Islam, and fully justified and sanctioned.

  • James Hamilton

    13,000 more of these parasites from Iraq & Syria will be coming to Canada in couple of years.
    Thanks to our progressive thinking govt.

    • Porky17

      I can’t wait for even more crazies at the corner of Young and Dundas, or in Scarboristan, Islamississauga, _____, _____ , etc.

    • Petrilla

      Now that I AM profoundly worried about. Who are they? I have repeatedly told the Conservatives, only Christians and persecuted minorities, which they seemed to agree with, but under pressure from the UN and the CBC, caved. I am disgusted by this latest back stabbing act by the Conservatives. Any fund raising emails I have sent to junk mail. 13,000 people from the middle east, without terrorist checks on each and every one? Thanks for our Christmas present. We ordinary Canadians shall live to rue this decision. Our leaders will be OK in their gated communities on their pensions.