It’s Islam, stupid!

For anyone with an iota of intellectual integrity and reasonably informed of world affairs, the answer to whether Islam and violence and terrorism are causally connected should be unequivocally clear. To ask whether Islam is associated with terrorism is a little like asking if rainfall is associated with flooding. Of course it is – as can be irrefutably deduced from Abu Shehadeh’s attempt to exonerate it.

After all, if one in six people in the world is a Muslim, it would mean that five out of six are not. Right? So if there were no inordinate affinity of Islam for violence/ terrorism, Muslim acts of terrorism should be one-fifth of those of non-Muslim terrorism – i.e. if Islam had no greater propensity for terrorism, one would have to expect non-Muslim acts of terrorism to be five times (!) those perpetrated by Muslims.

This is clearly not the case, and terrorist attacks committed by adherents of Islam far outweigh those carried out by non-Muslims.

It would therefore seem that – in stark violation of the protocols of political correctness – there is little choice but to conclude what many in the West sense instinctively: There is a disproportionate causal connection between Islam on the one hand, and acts of ideo-politically motivated violence against civilian populations, i.e. terrorism on the other.

  • Barrington Minge

    But it’s the “religion” of peace…….isn’t it?

  • Blacksmith

    This was very well written, and in my opinion completely accurate.
    It is proven by even the leftist bed wetters as they come out in force screaming that pisslam is not to blame immediately following any attack by pisslamists.
    Every one knows that pisslam is about hate, fear, and subjugation even the leftards. It is just that the leftards are so fearful they are hoping by their appeasement they will be last instead of first to die. the pisslamist will take the soft targets first.