Islamophobic Parking Regulations Result in Innocent Muslim’s Death

Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed shot dead outside Ohio airport

Let’s see, Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed turns up at Port Columbus Airport in Ohio, parks “illegally” according to our oppressive white privileged society, and tries to buy a ticket using a false ID.

He’s refused his ticket and returns to his illegally parked car only to find that Officer’s have called for it to be towed.

Heartbroken and his spirit crushed on realizing he is a victim of Islamophobic parking regulations he pulls out a knife to end it all.

He comes at the officers with the knife who mistake his actions as a threat rather than a cry for help.

Hashim is shot dead.

Just one more victim of Islamophobic Parking Regulations.

True Story.

h/t JEH via Pam Geller

  • Exile1981

    he must have slipped and accidentally stabbed the first cop. Or that will be the media’s version. I wonder how long till Al Sharptongue encourages a riot over this police shooting.

  • ontario john

    Was the goat hurt?

  • chayisun

    “I don’t understand it! All I did was try to buy a @#@#$# ticket to get on a #$#$% plane, which I intended to hijack by the way and these islamophopic pricks wouldn’t sell me a ticket! ALL because I’m a muslim! Well, that really screwed up my day. The hijack thing was out the window. So, I decide to return to my car. Actually, I hijacked it. One success out of two. But, that’s another story. Anyway, I get to the car and some muslim hating cop is there and they are going to tow away the car!
    That was the last straw. I pulled out my knife and intended to stab myself to death.
    I did what? OK, I did run toward the cop but, being a member of the religion of peace I was only going to say hello. He shot me.
    Talk about a bad day……”

  • Petrilla

    Ban knives. I can peel potatoes and carrots and grapefruit and sirloin with my ffingers and teeth and the greatest gadget, NOT, I got for Christmas, a bumpy plate to shred apples and garlic, which does not work. I could possibly throw it or rub some invaders nose in it, I guess. No more knives!

    • Xavier

      and cars. and airports. and Ohio.