Islamic State fighter praises attack on Paris satirical magazine

(Reuters) – A fighter of the Islamic State militant group praised Wednesday’s attack on a French satirical magazine that killed at least 12 people, telling Reuters the raid was revenge for insults against Islam.

Hooded gunmen stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo in the worst militant assault on French soil in recent decades. The dead included top editors at Charlie Hebdo, a publication renowned for lampooning Islam, as well as two police officers.

“The lions of Islam have avenged our Prophet,” said Abu Mussab, a Syrian who fights with the Islamic State, which has captured broad swathes of Iraqi and Syrian territory.

“These are our lions. It’s the first drops – more will follow,” he said, speaking via an internet connection from Syria. He added that he and his fellow fighters were happy about the incident.

“Let these crusaders be scared because they should be”…

  • winniec

    The important thing to know is how many Muslims actually support jihad. We can find that from anonymous telephone opinion surveys. 15% of all Muslims are in favour of violent, vigilante jihad. That means about 160,000 Muslims in Canada are jihadists or jihad sympathizers, a large number. These jihadists are mainly in about 10 cities across the country, meaning about 10,000 jihadists are in each Canadian city. When they are motivated enough to create a revolution, they can do a lot of damage. And we go on sleepwalking, not worrying about this genuine threat as if ‘it can’t happen here’.

    • Mohammed Suqzdiq

      “When they are motivated enough to create a revolution, they can do a lot of damage”

      Quite right. We see in France how many resources are needed to catch 2 trained(?) muslim fruit loops. And another murderous attack south of Paris the next day split French resources away from the main game. Imagine if a group of 60 – in 30 groups of 2 – acted out a plan timed to start in sequence a few hours ahead of each other. How little it would take to bring a whole country to chaos.

      • UCSPanther

        A chill just went up my spine thinking what several packs of those crazies could do if they coordinated and launched a Mumbai-style rampage..

  • WalterBannon

    Deport ALL muslims

    Criminalize Islam and BAN it.