Douglas Murray On The #CharlieHebdo Attack – The Terrorists Are Winning

  • winniec

    Show a Muslim your pen.
    No surrender.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    He’s right. Frankly, I think we should take over the CBC, BBC, etc .

  • John

    Murray is right. The Muslims win again. These 12 brave souls died for nothing. I haven’t commented much on this because the incident and the reactgion are so depressing…and predictable.
    In Québec many francophone newspapers mulled printing Hebdo ‘toons on their front pages. The Gazette, the province’s biggest Enlgish language publication, refused to do so saying they would be offensive.
    Nothing will come of this, nothing at all. Wash, rince, repeat.

  • Ted Harlson

    Facing the Islamic threat (Islamic totalitarianism) head on. You may not agree, but the spiritual aspect has to be refuted and stopped sometime. – Ted Harlson.

  • CMH

    He’s right, they are most certainly winning…and they will continue until they win.

  • Chatillon

    At 2:27 the interviewer refers to “Prophet Mohammed.” Unless, and maybe even if, the interviewer is himself a Mohammedan, there should be strident push back against this epithet, which has insinuated itself into Western usage.

    Mohammed sure ain’t my prophet and I even resent the fact that I am expected to know that there’s anybody, anywhere who is stupid enough and or evil enough to consider him as such.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, but I can guarantee you this. Many more innocent people are going to die because of crazy iSlam.