Why We Fight! Installment One of an On-Going Series

Meet Anais Zanotti, a career woman and a professional in the “entertainment industry”. No, not that kind of “entertainment” you philistines, but an actress, a model, and an accomplished stuntwoman in the French and European film industry. Miss. Zanotti is also a certified skydiver with over 1000 jumps under her belt, when she chooses to wear one. She seemingly cares deeply about her health too, specifically her Vitamin D levels.


Under Sharia Law, this woman would have no career options other than that of a chador cloaked baby factory for some greasy jihadist.





As we all know, recent medical research has indicated that insufficient Vitamin D-3 production (which occurs primarily through exposure of human skin to natural sunlight) is linked to serious heath consequences from rickets in small children to God knows what else in adults. This direct exposure to natural sunlight is of course impossible while wearing traditional Islamic clothing and is especially detrimental to women’s’ health.


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  • Xavier

    Vitamin D is especially important in helping fight depression in aging males; the sunlight radiating from this article has made a sizable difference in my attitude.

    • Exile1981

      The DW has always said that making sure that I get lots of D2 time is good for my stress levels. She wants me to live a long healthy life so she makes sure I get my recommended allotment every day.

  • DD_Austin

    actress, a model, and an accomplished stuntwoman

    So we fight for the elite? Yet, Again?

    Think about this, If we want to avoid bloodbaths of the non elite, which is us
    We should finally clue in to the fact that the “elite” doesn’t give a rats ass about us
    If they did we wouldn’t have mass muslim imports, oppressive taxes, punishments outside the law, unenforced laws, and peroidic avoidable bloodbaths.

    Victory begins at home.

    Also we aren’t actually fighting at all, This is fighting.
    We’re just limp wristed slapping at them, and calling it a “war”

    Also, that rack is off the rack, not home grown

    • Xavier

      I’m not certain she’s an elite.


      • DD_Austin

        South of france, skydiving, modeling, that rack?
        Move to the US to learn english.

        She’s never worked a day in her life

        • Xavier

          Anyone can live in the South of France, or skydive, or move to the U.S., or buy new boobies. Modeling is a matter of good genetics but so what? I have never heard of this woman before, but I see no cause to condemn her without good reason.

          Plus, callipygian.

      • Blacksmith

        Well I was not offended, we need a little levity now and again and that certainly helped my day.

  • Santos2

    Thanks for posting this. Just…just…thanks so very much. 🙂

  • Porky17



  • Barrington Minge

    This or black laundry bags…you decide