Why We Fight! Installment One of an On-Going Series

Meet Anais Zanotti, a career woman and a professional in the “entertainment industry”. No, not that kind of “entertainment” you philistines, but an actress, a model, and an accomplished stuntwoman in the French and European film industry. Miss. Zanotti is also a certified skydiver with over 1000 jumps under her belt, when she chooses to wear one. She seemingly cares deeply about her health too, specifically her Vitamin D levels.


Under Sharia Law, this woman would have no career options other than that of a chador cloaked baby factory for some greasy jihadist.





As we all know, recent medical research has indicated that insufficient Vitamin D-3 production (which occurs primarily through exposure of human skin to natural sunlight) is linked to serious heath consequences from rickets in small children to God knows what else in adults. This direct exposure to natural sunlight is of course impossible while wearing traditional Islamic clothing and is especially detrimental to women’s’ health.


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