We Might All Be “Charlie Hebdo” Today, But Now Is Also The Time To Absolutely Savage All The “#illridewithyou” Enablers

After such atrocities, such as Paris, France has experienced today, many people ask what can they do. As a general rule, I don’t really believe that hash-tag campaigns reach the people that are the “bad actors” amongst us such as the idiotic “#bringbackourgirls” or the perniciously misleading, and later proved to be utterly fraudulent “#illridewithyou”. No observant Muslim with his mind on terrorizing and murdering the infidel will ever be dissuaded by a twitter hash-tag campaign, but today, he is not our target.

No, today we are moving our targeting reticle to a ‘grid square’ where WE CAN make a difference and this is the sphere of the ‘default left’. This is not the “hard left” which are unreachable through peaceful means, but instead the casual and unthinking left. What I and others call the default left. Those are the hearts and minds that we can reach today by plating the seeds of doubt in the false belief that is the cornerstone of modern multiculturalism. Not all civilizations are equal, not all beliefs are equally valid (or even valid at all) and not all religions are just another theological brand such as the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

This destructive and false ideal is our target!

This is our ammunition!

Feel free to use these, and if you have a better hash-tag idea, then here are the raw pics for you to use, and feel free to share any variations here.

Tweet the hell out of these under “#illridewithyou” and any other hash-tag you feel appropriate!

Do it as if your life, and your loved one’s lives depends on it.


Stephane Charbonnier