Useful Horror

The murder of a dozen people is, simply, horrible. It does not matter why they were murdered, the fact of their massacre is the horror in itself.

Even as the terrorists are still on the loose there are things which are clear about these murders. They were committed by Muslims in the name of Islam to shut up people who mocked Islam.

There is no room for Western liberal spin about lone wolves and metal illness. This was murder by and for Islam.

It was, if further demonstration was needed, proof that Islam is not compatible with liberal democracy. There may be individual Muslims who can meet the demands for tolerance and non-violent liberal democracy imposes;but Islam the religion/cult/ideology as it is presently constituted cannot. A fact underscored by President Sisi’s recent speech to the religious in Egypt.

Collective punishment is also contrary to the tenents of democracy;but that does not mean France or any other civilised nation needs to allow Islam to continue to undermine our Enlightenment values.

The first thing to do in the wake of these murders is to strip Islam of its status as a religion.

Recognize that in its unreformed state Islam is a political cult and treat it that way.


The Death Cult strikes in France – Islamic terrorists murder Charlie Hebdo magazine staff for insulting cult leader Mohammed

Most people identify as being a member of a religion because they were born into it. Muslims are no different and most Muslims are decent people. Most Muslims living in western countries don’t even attend mosque with any regularity. But not all religions are the same and you can’t disassociate the way a religion is practiced from what the religion actually is.

In the Dark Ages, Islam was generally more liberal and tolerant than Christianity in its practice. But that was 1000 years ago and things have changed since then. In the intervening millennium, Christianity has gone through reformations, a Renaissance and the Enlightenment and in the West, Christian countries have become largely secular.

The same cannot be said of Islam or those places where it dominates. If there are peaceful, evolved manifestations of Islam, they lie in the Ismaili, Baha’i and Ahamdiyya offshoots. But combined, those sects represent less than 2% of the world’s Muslim population, there is no country where any of them form a majority of Muslims, and they are considered heretics and are frequently persecuted by their “mainstream” Sunni and Shia co-religionists.

  • Porky17

    I wholeheartedly agree. The death cult of Islam should not receive status of a legally recognized “religion”. Indeed, it is a political cult. Well written blurb above, BCF.

    • Thank Jay and Richard, they are the writers I just linked;)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “The first thing to do in the wake of these murders is to strip Islam of its status as a religion.”


  • simus1

    The only way to deal with islamist fanaticism is the iron fist in the iron glove.
    Everywhere in the world.
    Without let up.

    • Exactly what Canada is doing, we have pledged to accept 13000 more Muslims from the peaceful nations of Iraq and Syria.

      • Ron MacDonald

        That should be cancelled immediately.

        • Maurixio Garcia S

          Good point lets send a clear message to Harper in the upcoming elections.

          • b_marco

            And the party that would curb dangerous immigration is… ?

          • Maurixio Garcia S

            Harper and his team of fraudsters.

          • b_marco

            Ok curb means reduce or diminish. The NDP or Liberals will absolutely not reduce harmful immigration. There’s never been any indication otherwise. What they would do though, most likely, is make it illegal (again) for us to have this conversation online.

          • Absolutely. That would be their first order of business.

          • Beats me.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    Another tragedy to the West,Muslims should never be allowed as visitors,refugees or students,what they always have in their brain is destruction,its a “Wake up Call” lets wait for justice to those terrorists Muslims criminals.

    • A wake up call far too late for Europe and near for us as well.

      • Maurixio Garcia S

        You right but this government can set the rules against them ,Muslims should be declared an illegal religion,any where here in this country.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Rhetoric won’t change anything; it is time to make the lives of radical Muslims and their supporters living in the West unbearable. I can’t wait to see what Haroon Siddique has to write about this.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Still not a word in the news from Justin Trudeau regarding this atrocity, he must be waiting for his progressive handlers to give him permission to speak.

    • He did tweet that he deplore the tragedy or some such twaddle

  • ontario john

    Good news! The Globe and Mail website states that Canada has agreed to take in 13 thousand more Syrian muslims.

    • Maurixio Garcia S

      That means to expect real terror in this country,if that happens those Mosques will have to be erased from the map.

    • simus1

      turkey, one of the patrons of isis and other islamist fanatic gangster factions in Syria, should be compelled to house and feed these “refugees” for the duration with UN support.
      The only muslim refugees we should be accepting are those at risk for being long term pro democracy activists. Otherwise, persecuted religious minorities should take precedence.
      As for those “refugees” being pushed by AI and the other professional left wing hand wringers of their ilk, they and their “saviors” should find our doors firmly closed.

  • EarlyBird

    This is obvious isn’t it, more gun control is the solution! Now if they would start attacking their leftists and Marxists allies then maybe they’d finally wake up.

  • David Murrell

    The CBC web page has an article:

    detailing the reaction of our federal political leaders. Our friend Justin Trudeau limited himself to a twitter feed, leaving longer statements to his foreign affairs critic Marc Garneau. Note themore extensive comments by Harper and Mulcair.

  • It is stupid beyond belief that someone would suggest stripping Islam of it’s status as a religion. Wake up! What has already happened is the elites of the West have stripped us of our rights to free speech. This is the result. Absolutely no way for the media and elites to decide how to respond.

    IF, and that is so huge at this point, we refused to give any aid or visas to people that refuse to endorse the First Amendment we would finally have a bright line. A person converting to anti-freedom down the road would be a crime. No? You know you can’t just start running around killing people in Kaffiya shouting “freedom, freedom”. Ain’t gonna happen. Letting believers in tyranny eat their own is possible.

    The final thing about this horrible incident is that in Texas there would have been a gunfight on the street. With almost 1 in 20 supporting concealed carry, there is a good chance not one terrorist would have escaped. Give your guns away now?

    Obama is walking down a path and there really is no point in wondering any more.

    • Exile1981

      Actually stripping Islam’s status as a religion would be a good thing. They could no longer use a mosque as a way of funneling money to terror groups.

    • I agree Muslim immigration has to be halted.

      • ontario john

        When I was stationed in the Middle East I learned basic things about syrian muslims. They were trained from birth in schools and society to hate the West, hate Jews, support armed struggle against the West, and other pleasant things. And now we are importing thousands of them here hoping that they have changed their attitudes. Dream on.