Useful Horror

The murder of a dozen people is, simply, horrible. It does not matter why they were murdered, the fact of their massacre is the horror in itself.

Even as the terrorists are still on the loose there are things which are clear about these murders. They were committed by Muslims in the name of Islam to shut up people who mocked Islam.

There is no room for Western liberal spin about lone wolves and metal illness. This was murder by and for Islam.

It was, if further demonstration was needed, proof that Islam is not compatible with liberal democracy. There may be individual Muslims who can meet the demands for tolerance and non-violent liberal democracy imposes;but Islam the religion/cult/ideology as it is presently constituted cannot. A fact underscored by President Sisi’s recent speech to the religious in Egypt.

Collective punishment is also contrary to the tenents of democracy;but that does not mean France or any other civilised nation needs to allow Islam to continue to undermine our Enlightenment values.

The first thing to do in the wake of these murders is to strip Islam of its status as a religion.

Recognize that in its unreformed state Islam is a political cult and treat it that way.


The Death Cult strikes in France – Islamic terrorists murder Charlie Hebdo magazine staff for insulting cult leader Mohammed

Most people identify as being a member of a religion because they were born into it. Muslims are no different and most Muslims are decent people. Most Muslims living in western countries don’t even attend mosque with any regularity. But not all religions are the same and you can’t disassociate the way a religion is practiced from what the religion actually is.

In the Dark Ages, Islam was generally more liberal and tolerant than Christianity in its practice. But that was 1000 years ago and things have changed since then. In the intervening millennium, Christianity has gone through reformations, a Renaissance and the Enlightenment and in the West, Christian countries have become largely secular.

The same cannot be said of Islam or those places where it dominates. If there are peaceful, evolved manifestations of Islam, they lie in the Ismaili, Baha’i and Ahamdiyya offshoots. But combined, those sects represent less than 2% of the world’s Muslim population, there is no country where any of them form a majority of Muslims, and they are considered heretics and are frequently persecuted by their “mainstream” Sunni and Shia co-religionists.