This is our September 11, says French-Jewish MP of Paris massacre

French Jewish parliamentarian Meyer Habib said Wednesday’s massacre of 12 cartoonists, policemen and others by gunmen at a Paris newspaper was France’s equivalent of the September 11 terror attacks and that jihadi terrorists want “to destroy the entire infrastructure of France.”

“This is a very sad day. This is our September 11,” Habib said.

Assailants had struck murderously first at a Jewish school in Toulouse (in 2012), he recalled, and then at the Jewish Museum in Brussels (in 2014). “We warned that this would come to all of France, and to our sorrow it came,” Habib told Israel’s Channel 2 news Wednesday night.

He spoke hours after masked gunmen stormed the Paris offices of a weekly newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad, killing 12 people, including the editor, before escaping in a car. It was France’s deadliest postwar terrorist attack…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    No it isn’t your 9/11 Mr. French Guy!

    Your “9/11” would be over 400 French men women and children dead in an instant.
    That’s what YOUR “9/11” would look like!

    • This will change little. You can count on the French MSM and Government to ascribe the act to the Mentally ill.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’m sure that plan is already in the works.

        I also hope that one good thing to come out of this atrocity is the election of Marine Le Pen. She might not be my perfect choice, but she is the best France has to work with right now.

  • HRT

    #I’llkillwithyou sounds about right.

    So much better than the wimpy #I’llridewithyou

  • Tomorrow, everyone print something that is offensive to the Muslims. Everyone. Then I will believe people are serious about tackling this problem. Otherwise, these condemnations are nothing.

    • Conservative American Voter

      why wait…

      • I’ve put something up.

        Everyone should just do it.

        Do you have any bacon recipes you would like to share?

        Any anecdotes on Israel?

        • Conservative American Voter

          Bacon and ham wrapped bacon…cook bacon, wrap in thin slices of ham, then wrap in bacon (keep in place with toothpicks) and place on charcoal grill until done…top with bacon bits…

          • THIS is what the public needs right now.

          • Conservative American Voter

            and bacon bullets…

          • Bacon bit bullets.

          • Conservative American Voter

            with pork & mushroom gravy…mmmmm…gravy…

          • I’m not sure how that can be used as a projectile, though.

          • Conservative American Voter

            well, if it can’t be used as a projectile, it can always make a good entree…over mashed potatoes….biscuits…toast…

          • I see no reason why not.

          • Conservative American Voter

            got it!

            …filler for a silencer…put it in a can and fix the can to a barrel, then the projectile passes thru the pork gravy…

            doubt it will quiet the report, but it will coat the projectile with pork product…

          • You’ve put a lot of thought into this.

          • Conservative American Voter

            that was just off the top of my head…gets real dangerous when I think too much on a given thing…

          • Oh dear…

          • Conservative American Voter

            battle tested…

          • There’s a movie in that somewhere.

          • Conservative American Voter

            No, not me. I’m no hero – just did my job, but I was in the company of heroes for a time.

          • (cue stirring music)

          • Conservative American Voter

            they deserve it…

          • By the bucketful.

    • Exile1981

      How long before western nations criminalize the offending of muslims as a method of tackling these sorts of attacks.

      • Like… now…

        • Exile1981

          It was a rhetorical question because they are already trying to do it.

          Look at Calgary, if you protest outside a synagogue the police will ignore you. Try that in front of a mosque and see how long before you end up with charges of racism?

          • When a South Korean was beheaded in Iraq, the police had to surround the only mosque in Seoul because they (were ordered to, really) feared an attack from a very justifiably angry mob.

            Here, we see the cowards.

          • Exile1981

            Yes, cowards and sell outs.

          • I saw that Christie Blatchford’s column in the National Post had a couple of Charlie Hebdo cartoons. More is needed.

    • Maurixio Garcia S

      You right miss ,people have to start doing something for real otherwise they will get away with all their crimes in this world.

      • What I’m mad at is the usual response of cowardly Westerners. If you really want to staunch these attacks, print a condemnation of Islamism as written by a Jewish model wearing a bikini that resembles bacon.

        • Porky17

          Hmm… Porky wants to eat some sexy bacon now!!!

    • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

      Is there a link we send it to?

  • CMH

    this idiot has his head firmly buried up his ass…can you believe his comparison….what a fuc***g jackass. anyway, after the big day of mourning it’ll fizzle out….no is gonna do nuthin

  • Ron MacDonald

    The three shooters have been identified, they have a history of involvement with radical Islam and have served time in prison because of it. Authorities should consider natural life in prison for all terrorist related crimes.

  • Mickey Oberman

    How do you equate 13 murdered with 3,000 murdered.

    However, France, I fear your time is coming unless you act quickly and decisively.
    But that is not the French way is it?
    Take your time to savour the flavour.
    13 was a mere sampling, a sip.


    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?

    A. Bisexual.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Has Mr. Habib considered aliyah?