Terror attack in France

Radical Islamists storm a satirical newspaper’s office in France killing 12 people. Ezra has a lot to say on this horrific suppression of free speech.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Is Sun the only network left in North America with any conviction and backbone?
    It would appear so.

    • CMH

      Even Ezra has sugar coated his presentation by saying ‘radical islam’ as if there were another kind of islam. I admire ezra and sun but Islam is Islam.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        He probibly does not want to go to jail.
        The video right after this one (most recent) is downright scary in that he talks about the guy that was sent to prison for an “offensive” YouTube video.
        You can say America has “gone down the tubes” all you want, but we aren’t putting people in prison soley for making a video.
        The “Innocents of Muslims” guy got his parole revoked for an earlier financial crime.

        • simus1

          Special persecution is the trademark of most third world despots. Obamugabe is just trying to fit in with his peers.

  • Xavier

    If Ezra were in the States he would be silenced.

    • cmh

      with the new success for jihad in france, they will keep putting ezra thru kangaroo court until that fails and they take him out

  • ntt1

    what pompous bilge, Studer is typical CBC material, No wonder ghomeshi was allowed to romp as he was, the management are all complete moral cowards presenting their cowardice as a virtue. sickening.

    • simus1

      He’s not also chief honcho of the commie comedy section?
      Seems like a perfect fit. Same party line, same zombie talent.

  • suzanne

    A fine video to watch.

  • CBC’s David Studer will “bravely” offend other religion but won’t hurt the precious feelings of Muslims “as a group”.

    • Conservative American Voter

      well, he is a coward after all…so he doesn’t want to irritate anyone that might actually hurt him…

  • pdxnag

    Don’t Blame the Charlie Hebdo Mass Murder on ‘Extremism’
    By Andrew C. McCarthy

    • Brett_McS

      Andy McCarthy has seen these people close up. He knows what he is talking about.

  • barryjr

    Odd how most journalists have suddenly gotten their courage today. Where were all these big brave heroic defenders of free speech before this cowardly attack today. I can tell you where, other than some bloggers(everybody knows they aren’t real journalists anyways) and journalists on SNN (which we all know isn’t a real news service) they were groveling in their hovels and whining that you can’t say mean things about 7th century pedophile warlord worshippers. At least the CBC and NYT are honest here and still trying to spin this so as not to reflect badly on their Islamic masters but the rest of the cowardly shits are talking tough and saying brave things that they will pretend they never said tomorrow. NP has proven their absolute hypocrisy by publishing an article by Ismael Daro then trying to get rid of it when were called out on it, and they had big brave articles by Andrew Coyne and Barbara Kay both of whom will try to backtrack tomorrow. If the so called journalists of this world had been as big and brave about defending free speech when Charlie Hebdo was publishing cartoons 12 people would still be alive today. If I was a blogger I would consider it a badge of honour when the cowards in the mainstream media said I wasn’t a real journalist. I have to admit that I have some respect for CBC and NYT because through all this they have remained true to their beliefs unlike the other cowards claiming to be journalists.

    • simus1

      NatPost has fallen a very long way and made it look extremely easy.
      Wonder if the Red Star C&S still prints it as an afterthought? Must be hardly worth the bother.