Muslims Who Massacred 12 #CharlieHebdo identified #Kouachi

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Their names and dates of birth are in police hands. Wednesday night, hours after the terrible attack against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo , the identities of the three suspects were known to the police. The investigation is moving towards Reims

It would be three men aged 18, 32 and 34. The two thirty, of French nationality, are brothers born in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. They are named Said and Cherif K .. The nationality of the younger Hamyd M., SDF is not yet known. We know however that it was registered last year Terminal S in a school in Charleville-Mezieres, in the Academy of Reims (Champagne-Ardennes). The local newspaper, The Union Ardennes, precisely indicate the end of the afternoon that the investigation was moving towards Reims.

Searches are carried out, and RAID special forces were sent there. The Red Cross neighborhood was completely cordoned off and police helicopters flying over the area.