Murder of a Police Officer by Muslim Terrorists in Charlie Hebdo Atrocity Paris

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    To all civilized peoples everywhere.
    This is your enemy and this is what he will do to you when given the chance.
    They really do hate you and they really do want to kill you.

    • I 2nd that.

    • Alain

      I suggest that our real enemy is the ones in government in every Western country who allow the mass infiltration of members of this totalitarian, militant and political ideology called Islam into their countries and imposing it against the will of the majority of their citizens. They and the Left then do everything possible to cover for the real extremists while calling citizens resisting the death of their culture extremists. I hold all of them responsible.

      • Jane

        You hit the nail on its head. Terrific post. All of us need to put pressure on our politicians, and make it clear to them that if they are known to facilitate the spread of Islam in any way, that they will find themselves out of work. It’s important that they know how we feel about their insane policies that are destroying the entire West, not just Canada – particularly during an election period. Enough is enough with the death cult – a day doesn’t pass without some new atrocity being committed in Allah’s name. The number of people who are fed up with Islam is rapidly growing – just look at the thousands protesting in Germany, and on the streets of Paris today. As the numbers continue to increase, more pressure will be exerted on Western Governments to change. Politicians need to smarten up sooner than later regarding Islam, if they want to continue to be in office.

      • CMH

        here’s one right here…..and he’s our god damned national security senator!

        • ntt1

          That idiot is typical of islams supporters,The sad part is he thinks his basic dishonesty and defense of the indefensible shows that he is open minded and fair. not just the craven little weasel he really is.

      • Gaian

        I totally agree with you Alain, as most Americans do. We know we have an islamic in the White House and that its infection is probably going to last two more years. It’s a total embarrassment (and a threat) to the American people. But the US has taken a step to load its Congress with Republicans that oppose Obama (even if Republicans are their own kind of menace), so it may slow down some of the madness.
        It was totally disappointing to hear that Canada is going to accept thousands more islamics from the hellholes they created in the Mideast so they can turn Canadian cities into the same kind of hellholes they just left. Please don’t let them put up any mosques, which are just places to spread their hate and hide their guns.

  • Yes, this is the enemy. Cold-blooded inhumane murderers, not even giving a second look to a fellow human being (indeed, a fellow Moslem named Ahmed, all the more so a non-Moslem) pleading for mercy. And not to be forgotten, it is the Koran that gives such people their feeling of having the right to kill whoever they find an Islamic pretext to kill. If this is not acknowledged such people cannot be defeated – you can kill some but more will reappear moved by the same death-cult ideology. There are no ifs and buts about this logical precondition.

    • simus1

      Well said.
      It is a lesson our cowardly western governments have every intention of ignoring while they disorganize, loot, and betray the populace to achieve their supposed left wing utopia rule.

      • Yes, unfortunately. But the people may yet beg to differ.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    Base on what is going on right now ,maybe the west will need some atomic bombs to clean this planet from the terrorist from the middle east.

    • Gaian

      Spoken like a true afficianado of machismo. We, the civilized don’t need to kill a single one of these islamic swine. All that needs to be done is to shove them all back into the Mideast hellholes of Iraq, Iran and the open sewers of Africa and let them kill each other. We give them nothing, and we don’t let them out. It won’t take long for them to finish each other off because they are useless parasites that can’t even feed or clothe themselves.

      • ntt1

        seal them into their islamic shitholes and sanction ALL tecnological imports

      • Maurixio Garcia S

        Another protector and attorney that defends them,you think like a politician that comes up with something ,just to protect those criminals
        those Muslims already outnumber the West,use your brain and stop using drugs.

  • ed

    oh! noes ! the perps are three Algerian muslims ,WTF who would have thought that ????

  • Destroyer-Drone

    And the killer fact is:

    The policeman was a muslim.