Mother fails in bid to block Christian couple adopting her two-year-old boy even though they are not a ‘religious match’

A woman has failed in a legal bid to stop her two-year-old son being adopted by Christians because they are not a ‘religious match’.

The woman – believed to be Muslim – had tried to overturn a Newcastle judge’s order that the little boy should be placed for adoption.

She argued that a relative should be allowed to care for him. But following a family court hearing in Newcastle-upon-Tyne Judge Simon Wood blocked her attempts.

Details of the case have been published in a written ruling by the judge on a legal website.

The judge did not say what religion the woman or her ex-husband were – although indications in his ruling suggested that the family was Muslim.

He said he had made an order placing the little boy for adoption 13 months ago, and that social workers had matched the little boy with a Christian couple – who had been Muslims before converting.

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  • Exile1981

    interesting, of course now the women and her husband can claim the adoptive family are apostates and justify all sorts of actions that way.

  • cmh

    she will eventually get to him and kill him

  • Oh no! He has a shot at a normal life now!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Officially, in Muselmanian lands, adopting isn’t allowed. Mo sez No. The little kids are left on their own I guess, to either pick thru garbage for scrap metal or whoring themselves out for a living

  • moraywatson

    Apostasy by adoption. Sounds like a win win, unless you are a totalitarian.