Moderate Muslims Demonstrate Twitter Love

Rough translation – Cursing the Prophet and published pictures humiliating him.
Work Biljiz his Report and Atwa Block –

Which I think means report my twitter account

Muslims threatening death? What a surprise!


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  • Observer

    I’m waiting for them to complain about the backlash and whine it has “nothing to do with Islam”.

    Then all the communists/socialists will try to start a “I’ll ride with you” campaign to fight the “islamophobia”.

    Then their community will demand special treatment for how badly they are being portrayed and to fight the “islamophobia”.

    As a phobia is an irrational fear and as these terrorist attacks are as prescribed by the Koran, there is nothing irrational about the fear.

    • It’s already started.

    • Warmo

      People already being labelled islamaphobic when mentioning islam/Muslims in regards to the Paris attacks

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        Death is the only cure.

  • Jason

    Those filth. BCF, I hope this doesn’t sound too trite, but I commend your courage in standing up to these scum. By doing so you are standing up for everyone (even for The Eye, though he’s too stupid to realize it). Thank you.

    I wish Chris Alexander, Jason Kenney, Justin Trudeau, et al, would have the privilege of engaging in similar pleasant Twitter or email exchanges with some of the patriotic, hard working muslim immigrants they insist on bringing to our country.
    Damn them all ….

    • Soon the MSM will be awash in Muslim apologetics.

  • Exile1981

    This is why i don’t use twitter – too many nut jobs who want to kill you. Watch your back BCF, there are enough of them who would gladly slit your throat just for a chance with the 72 virgin goats in paradise.

  • Xavier

    I’m printing that ‘Je suis Charlie’ and putting them up when I go to the gas station, the country store, the gun shop, etc.

    Not that these ignorant rednecks around here will understand what it means.

    • Cool!

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      I bet your local Ontario School Board French teachers will feel like you’ve pissed on their wool carpets ….

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I feel no hate towards muzzle’ems.

    Disgust, Distrust, and Fear…yes.

    • Xavier

      I have disgust, distrust, and hate but no fear.
      Ann Barnhardt taught me that.
      And I cannot wait to hear what she says about this.

  • Pete_Brewster

    A Lebanese blogger has called this “the day Marine Le Pen became president.” The smarter hajjis appear to fear that if Hollande planned to silence critics of the House of Saud, whose cheap oil he needs to stay in power as Comrade Erika’s French satrap, his plan could easily backfire.

    Let’s hope so.

  • Islam = thuggery, whose only argument is death threats.

  • b_marco

    There’s a whiff of Chechen hoods about this whole thing…