Missing: Femme fatale spy who seduced a high Hizballah officer into betrayal and secret marriage

The extraordinary admission by Hizballah’s No. 2 official, Sheikh Naim Qassem, Monday, Jan. 5, that the organization is “battling espionage within its ranks and has uncovered some major infiltrations” attested to the panic within the Lebanese Shiite group over the discovery of a mole within its ranks.
Last week, the arrest of the deputy head of Hizballah’s “external operations” Unit 910, Mohammad Shawraba, 42, set off a cloud of scrappy rumors – like, for instance, that Shawraba was recruited by the Israeli Mossad and paid a million dollars for a steady stream of information; or that he was also responsible for the Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s security; or that he leaked data on one of the organization’s most secret figures, Hassan al-Laqees.

DEBKAfile’s sources describe Laqees as having run the joint cyber war conducted by Hizballah and Iran from Beirut. He was assassinated on Dec. 4, 2013 by unidentified gunmen. The Shiite organization accused Israel of his death.