Islamist Turkish dailies on Charlie Hebdo attack

Two Islamist newspapers in Turkey have drawn ire on social media with their headlines that “justified” the deadly attack on a French satirical newspaper…

Several reader comments also appeared on Yeni Akit’s Facebook page, which hailed the bloodshed as “revenge” for the magazine’s decision to publish cartoons that criticized the Prophet Mohammad.

“I hope they will continue [to kill] infidels,” said one reader on the website, while another reader wrote “Thanks to those who did it.”

The newspaper then changed the headline of the story to “the great provocation in Paris.”

Türkiye, another newspaper close to the Turkish government, chose the headline: “Attack on the magazine that insulted our Prophet.”

After a flood of reactions on Twitter, including ones that accuse it of “justifying a terror attack,” the newspaper changed the headline to “Attack on the magazine that published ugly cartoons of our Prophet”…

  • simus1

    turkey is on its way to a very hitlerian future.

    • Gaian

      On it’s way? It has never been anything but an open sewer of fascism, perversion, slavers and debauchery. That goon Erdogan is a perfect example.

      • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

        You’re absolutely right. Even when I was there in 1985 & ’88 their police and army were ready and willing to shoot innocent civilians without question. Despicable, horrid, etc. and what liars.