Got Hate? Here’s the Most Fascist Piece You Will Read Today

Or maybe ever. It’s called “Here Is Why It’s Time To Get Tough On Hate Speech In America,”and it comes from the poison pen of one Tanya Cohen, “human rights activist and writer.” Needless to say, it’s boiling with hate itself:

The recent controversy at the University of Iowa – in which an “artist” (supposedly an “anti-racist” one) put up an “art exhibit” which resembles a KKK member covered in newspaper clippings about racial violence – is a perfect example of why we need to implement real legislation against hate speech in the United States. The year is 2015 and all other countries have laws against hate speech along with laws against other forms of speech which violate basic human rights. As a matter of fact, international human rights law MANDATES laws against hate speech. Protecting vulnerable minorities from hate speech is one of the most basic and fundamental of human rights obligations, and all human rights organizations worldwide have emphasized this. But the United States refuses to protect even the most basic of human rights, firmly establishing itself as a pariah state that falls far behind the rest of the world in terms of protecting fundamental human rights and democratic freedoms.

Basically, her argument is that in order to stamp out “hate speech” — otherwise known as “free speech” — we have to start hating in a big way. In other words, typical Leftist fascism.