Featured Muslim Youth Activist for Democratic Party Gloats Over Muslim Terror Skills

unnamed-10Zaid Jilani has many credentials as an activist of the left. He was a blogger at the Center for American Progress’ Think Progress site, the unofficially official spin project for Obama Inc, until he was fired for excessive anti-semitism, even by the standards of a site run by a man who had helped fundraise for Hamas before going to work for Nancy Pelosi.

Jilani went on to blog for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, also known as Bold Progressives, which is behind the Draft Elizabeth Warren campaign. He currently writes for Salon.

Democrats.org, the site of the Democratic Party, had also featured him as their youth activist…

h/t Marvin

  • Clausewitz

    Thinking Zaid should be run out of here not on a one way ticket to the Middle East, but on a half way ticket to his shithole homeland.

    • WalterBannon

      he is no different from the muslim in chief

  • Observer

    And we welcome the Fifth Columnists into our country with open arms.

  • Linda1000

    Related: Pamela Geller is really following the Muslim and Arab reactions on Twitter praising the attacks. Really sickening.
    Also pic of the latest cartoon that I think the media scrubbed earlier today in some articles which isn’t even that offensive.

  • DVult

    Never vote democrap or liberal or for any other lefties.

  • mauser 98

    Demorats or Republirats…no difference

    • simus1

      Spineless Bonehead – wonder what Obama has on him?
      Just pictures or an entire library of ?

      • mauser 98

        Boo Hoo Boner is being bribed blackmailed or threatened..
        Jarret must have dirt on him. Boner is terrified of Obama , Jarret.

  • cmh

    unlike our elected politicians who never do what they say. we’re doomed against people who actually follow through on their promises

  • Zaid is a known Twitter terrorist