Does ‘the Right’ Suffer from ‘Race Deafness’?

Jack Hunter is a former staffer for Rand Paul who once delivered politically incorrect commentary as “the Southern Avenger.” When Hunter’s past came to light, it wasn’t before long that he and Senator Paul parted ways.

Ever since—perhaps in the hope that the “respectable” will forgive him his transgressions before the 2016 GOP presidential primaries?—Hunter has been relentless in his quest for redemption.

  • Xavier

    Let’s just go straight for the throat of this bullshit. For over 60 years, the left has incessantly lectured us that race must be ignored so that minorities can be treated equally. Now that decades of data unequivocally refutes their beliefs, we are being told that ignoring race is, well, racist and that we must make special allowances for skin color. Employment testing procedures must be lowered, crimes must go unpunished, and the never ending expansion of entitlement benefits must continue to ensure minorities are treated the same as everyone else.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …a Lowest Common Denominator-level of education in an Ignorance-Based Economy…sorry…but you ain’t a be a-goin’ anywheres, bub.

    • Exile1981

      notice how much the left is pushing the fake racism thing lately? When (not if) the nuts they are inspiring start killing whites (in bulk lots rather than the smaller lots they currently do and the MSM hides) just because they think they have to will those same “leaders” be finally punished for their hate crimes? I doubt it.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Black Lives Matter…not according to fellow blacks, however.