Paris: Muslims On Murder Rampage At Charlie Hebdo Magazine – 12 dead – “The attackers shouted Allahu Akbar”

Confirmed 12 dead, 8 wounded. Muslim Terrorists still on the run.

The Telegraph has a live feed.

Twitter Feed #CharlieHebdo

France24 has English coverage
The cartoonists Charb and cabu are deadThe cartoonists Charb & Cabu are dead


This asshole had to say something…

Fdesouche is covering this – note its in French



Video – Police Officer executed during gunfight with Muslim Terrorists

Conversation between the gunman and the police man:

Gunman: “You wanted to Kill Us ?”

Police man:”No, it’s all right chief”

Last Tweet by Charlie Hebdo

Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 11

Gunmen have attacked the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 11 people and injuring 10, French officials say.

Witnesses spoke of sustained gunfire at the office as the attackers opened fire with assault rifles.

The satirical weekly has courted controversy in the past with its take on news and current affairs.

Its latest tweet was a cartoon of the Islamic State militant group leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

An eyewitness, Benoit Bringer, told French TV channel Itele: “Two black-hooded men entered the building with Kalashnikovs. A few minutes later we heard lots of shots.”

The men were then seen fleeing the building.

“It’s carnage,” French police official Luc Poignant told another French channel, BFMTV.

The magazine was fire-bombed in November 2011 a day after it carried a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

For Charlie Hebdo… Everybody Draw Mohammed Contest Winners

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