The Immigrant economy and the end of Europe

Germany is leading the way in attempting to flood the EU with poverty stricken immigrants to compensate for economic failure. Don’t blame those immigrants, but do blame the blinkered, politically correct politicians destroying Europe

“…Third World immigrants and Third World wages mean a Third World culture, already to be seen in areas of west London with thousands of immigrants living in illegally converted garages, making Southall look like shanty town Bombay in the film Slumdog Millionaire…

Uncontrolled, unskilled Third World immigration is the economics of the madhouse, yet respectable politicians like Herr Schaeuble in Germany support it and, until recently, virtually the whole British political establishment were gung-ho for it, and still would be were it not for Nigel Farage.

Marx, who was wrong on most things, understood more than most the anarchic, socially destructive effects of money-grubbing unrestricted labour and capital markets that have no respect for national values and tradition. With unrestricted immigration in particular, cohesive social communities, both middle class and working class, lose their social capital and are eventually fragmented and destroyed.”


Nothing illustrates these points better than Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker scam.

Our government outsourced immigration to Corporate Snakeheads who exploited 3rd world labour  as a business model. In the US “Amnesty” will result in a need for more “illegals”.

Mass immigration is not the economic tonic our government insists it is yet they continue to crow about record immigration in a time of persistent unemployment. Ontario, and ultimately Toronto continue to receive the bulk of Canada’s immigrant intake yet Toronto has suffered a significant loss of productivity.