Sweden: Accident could have caused mosque fire

Swedish police cannot rule out the possibility that an accident rather than arson was the cause of a fire at a mosque on Christmas Day – one of three fires at mosques across the country in the space of a week.

Five people were injured in the fire which was the first and most serious in a spate of mosque fires that have been widely blamed on growing anti-immigration sentiment in Sweden.

Rumours had earlier circulated that an object had been thrown into the mosque in the city of Eskilstuna, west of the capital Stockholm, but police have been unable to find witnesses.

Swedish network TV4, meanwhile, on Monday cited unnamed police sources saying that an accident was in fact the cause of the fire.

“There are a thousand ways to start a fire. At the moment, we do not know,” Eskilstuna police spokesperson Lars Franzell told AFP, adding that police were awaiting a forensic report due in late January.

“We cannot dismiss suspicions that a crime was committed,” he added…