Sterilization of Africans can help fight effects of climate change says Euro-schmuck

Eberhard Rhein, an ex-EUcrat, writing for BlogActivEU suggests sterilization of Africans may help offset the effects of climate change.

“Lowering population growth is in their interest. It facilitates necessary investments in health, education and socio-economic infrastructure and helps reducing structurally high unemployment.

It requires little public investment except for girl schools and medical teams for distributing contraceptives or sterilisations. External help, especially from the UN and the EU which has far too long ignored demography, should be available to all governments willing to tackle their population issue. Ethiopia and Rwanda are positive examples of what can be achieved.”


Rwanda? As in Genocide Rwanda? Okey Dokey.

  • They should start with the Euro elites who believe in global warming.

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    Whatever the ethics or merits of voluntary sterilization, compulsory sterilization starts by assuming that people do not know what is good for them in situations where they very often DO. So it is bad by definition.

    High birth rates are routine among rural pre-mechanization agricultural populations because children are born with two hands but only one mouth.

    Blessed is the family that has seven strong sons … blessed is the woman who bore them … [SHE won’t want in her old age, not with seven daughters-in-law.]

    Having to hire help for money [!!] is a huge disaster compared to just growing it at home, along with everything else one grows at home.

    The best contraceptive ever invented was permanent, comfortable urban living. Not only are children not a source of wealth, they are a source of huge expense.

    And where compulsory education is enforced, the expense is compounded, because taxes must be collected for the purpose. Most adults must work to pay taxes for schools, as well as roads, police services, etc.

    Can we shut down the global warming scamfest before it leads to more injustice against pre-mechanical civilizations? I hope those civilizations get up to speed soon, but surely not by violations like compulsory sterilization. – Denyse O’Leary

  • tom_billesley

    Pol Pot is a hero of environmentalysts. He knew how to limit population growth,

  • Richard_Romano

    The totalitarian impulse is a natural disposition for those of the left.

  • mauser 98

    EU Bureaucrats are on the biggest gravy train in history. pay very little or no tax. are unelected. constantly at the trough
    can’t believe any scheme of theirs

  • k

    you can birth yourselves out of resources and that leads to constant war as people fight for the last piece of cheese.
    THAT! is cruel.

    It’s the same thing with immigration. Too many people for the resources means people fight each other.
    THAT! is cruel.

    If Africans take Western medication to prolong life
    they have to be responsible and limit the number of children that are born
    as that is the kindest thing they can do for their society


    • Thank you, Margaret Sanger.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Actually, as distasteful as it might seem, “k” does have a valid point.
        Africa’s traditional carrying capacity for people, living traditional African lifestyles, has held steady at about a 100,000,000 people until about 1900. Now the population of Africa is 10-times that number.
        There are just no happy or painless solutions to their population problem.
        Do you allow them to war and kill each other off, to starve to death, or continue feeding them and allow the surplus to immigrate to the west and continue to reproduce in unsustainable numbers?
        All of those solutions seem even worse.
        I have no other answers.

        • There are other answers.

          Stop aid. It doesn’t help.

          There is no reason why Africa is a poor continent. Why aren’t they using their resources?

          Also, that albino killing and the like has to stop.

          And then there’s the Islamism.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I will stand with you to denounce what I said as it is so horrible.
            However, having said that, assuming that we only go with the first item on your list, you do realize that alone will condemn approximately 900,000,000 Africans to death by starvation.
            That forces the question of what is worse.
            Mass sterilization, or mass starvation.
            In that light, mass involuntary sterilization seems like the least-worst option.
            Am I wrong?

          • It’s a eugenic answer.

            Why are Africans going hungry? It’s not a poor continent, not in terms of resources. Either the Africans can properly use those resources or they don’t.

  • simus1

    Herr Rhein, your Genocidist slip is showing.
    Try to be more discreet.

  • It all boils down to eugenics.

  • DMB

    The European elite seem to have no trouble with letting mass illegal African entry into Europe!

  • dchrist81

    Obama Pledges To Help Mexico Meet Its Climate Goals

    How far will these power-mad tyrants go to perpetuate this hoax?

    • Conservative American Voter

      apparently to the point of genocide over it…they’re very boring that way…