Spencer: 5 Reasons Why Angela Merkel Is Wrong to Oppose Germany’s Anti-Islamization Rallies

After tens of thousands of Germans participated in rallies organized by Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA), German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced them, claiming that when they chanted “We are the people,” they really meant, “You don’t belong — because of your religion or your skin color.”

With one-third of Germans supporting the rallies, that’s either an awful lot of racists or Merkel is making a disastrous mistake in demonizing this movement. And she is, of course: Islamization is not a race, and it is not racist or xenophobic to oppose it.

Merkel herself should know better, for these reasons:

The German government has already shown its understanding of this problem to be faulty:

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble also denounced PEGIDA, saying last Saturday: “People are right to fear Islamist terrorism. But not Islam.”

But “Islamist terrorism” arises from Islam. Or does Schaeuble think it is just as likely to emerge from the Lutheran churches as from the mosques? How does Schaeuble propose to separate the Islam that he considers benign from the Islamist terrorism he regards as malignant? He doesn’t say, and probably doesn’t have any idea how to do so — if he has ever seriously considered the question at all.

Schaeuble’s distinction is obviously based more on wishful thinking than reality. Merkel is foolish to perpetuate this willful ignorance – particularly since she has shown more sense in the past…

  • winniec

    Apparently, large numbers of Germans are on drugs or they’re totally Leftarded! It appears the people who experienced the ‘blessings’ of Marxism in communist DDR (East Germany) are not ready to repeat them!

    The East Germans seem to be leading the counterjihad. God bless them.

    And I agree, Angela will be punished at the polls. It’s one of the dopiest things she’s ever said…if not the dopiest.

    • winniec

      BTW…who doesn’t belong? The jihadists who strut around in Islamic dress and create the NO-GO ZONES are the ones telling EUROPEANS that they don’t belong in the MUSLIM NEIGHBOURHOODS they are creating! Europeans are being kicked out of Europe piece by piece.

      Europeans will wake up when they’ve been completely colonized by misogynistic supremacists.

      • Jason

        If even then. Some of these folk – and let’s not kid ourselves, they’re all over the West, not just in Europe – display a degree of stubborn blindness and naivety that is almost unbelievable.

        • Petrilla

          I think you may be saying let all the Jews go to the ovens again, that’s what I get from your post, if I am wrong correct me.

          • Jason

            I just noticed your replies (got an email) and i shall try to answer your questions as best i can.

            – “I think you may be saying let all the Jews go to the ovens again”
            No, I do not think all (or any) Jews should go to the ovens. Or anyone else for that matter, even muslims.

            – “Who exactly do you refer to?”

            I am referring, for want of a better word, to “progressives” in any western country, who refuse or are unable to see the danger and threat, and basic inhumanity that is inherent in islam. I am not referring to a specific nationality

            – “I think it is important that all of the Norther Countries tell us exactly what side they were on in WW 2. I o know that no one trusted Sweden.”
            I agree that some countries are definitely worse than others in their “progressiveness”/accommodation of islam. Sweden is about as bad as it gets, and because they were neutral in WW2, they earned (and maybe merited) some distrust from other countries like the UK and the US who were fighting the clear evil of the Nazis. But don’t forget some of the other neutrals – Switzerland and Spain. Did they earn distrust as well?
            I do believe Sweden (speaking of the average Swede – there are exceptions, of course) really is an anomaly (in a bad way) and seems to be almost insanely supportive of islamic immigration, and perhaps “culture”.
            This does not seem to be the case in Norway, Finland or Denmark (to my knowledge). All of those countries, except Finland, were at war with Germany in WW2 (though conquered by it.) Finland, correct me if I’m wrong, was not at war with Germany but attacked the Soviet Union when Germany did, and then somehow managed to keep from being made into a satellite of the victorious Soviets at the end of the war. Perhaps this is cause for some healthy distrust of the Finns, but this *was* 75 years ago. I’m not sure how relevant this is to today’s political situation with regard to islam.

        • Petrilla

          Who exactly do you refer to? I think it is important that all of the Norther Countries tell us exactly what side they were on in WW 2. I o know that no one trusted Sweden. Probably why they love Sryrians today, Suckers. Enjoy.

        • Petrilla

          Go the the Local, read it, see how comfortable you feel. Find the 72 year old Syrian who hated the camp, which we north people would love.. Ask yourself if a r real refugge from Syria would refuse this camp, which any Canadian would love. A Syrian will play you. Don’t be stupid,

      • Petrilla

        What about my Jewish friend in a Toronto bakery? Had her satarvof David grabbed from her neck. Can I imagine some taking my cross from my neck. I would fight to the death and I know me and my cross would b saved. Her star of David was ripped from her neck.I know we will do better next time.

      • Frau Katze

        I’ve run into these types at liberal forums (like the now-closed one for the United Church). They’re very far left and really believe the multikulti thing.

    • Mohammed Suqzdiq

      “…The East Germans seem to be leading the counterjihad. God bless them….”

      But Merkel grew up in the DDR.

  • WalterBannon

    Isn’t German Chancellor Angela Merkel the result of a cloning experiment that went wrong, resulting in a female version of Hitler?

  • Petrilla

    Pegida will only grow now, as it should.

  • Petrilla

    Pegida comes.