Report: Qatar expels Hamas leader to Turkey

The Qatari government expelled Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal to Turkey, after hosting him in exile since he left Syria at the start of the civil war, CNN reported on Tuesday.

Aside from Meshal, members of the Muslim Brotherhood were also expelled, a move which followed a Saudi initiative to strengthen ties between Qatar and Egypt. The Palestinian news agency Ma’an cited Turkish media as saying that Meshal discussed the possibility of relocating to Ankara in his recent meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, after the Qatari government asked him to leave the country.

The Israel Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem praised Qatar, saying in a statement: “We congratulate the Qatari decision, and expect the Turkish government will do the same now.”

  • mobuyus

    Flushed from Qatar look where the turd washes up.Flush twice it’s a long way to turkey.

    • Zaba

      Not too bad via first class air.

  • Zaba

    From JPost:
    FM quick to praise Qatar for kicking out Mashaal, even amid contrary reports whether it happened

  • marty_p

    I wonder if there will be a comment from Nato re one of its members Turkey harboring the member of a designated terrorist group.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well sure. Turkey hates Jews even more than Qatar.

  • simus1

    If the top snake is really on the move:
    Let us hope termination of him and his fellow snakes comes soon.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And by the way he’s got more eyeliner than a South Beach drag queen.