Post-Liberal Europe and its Jewish Problem

Of course, the most direct cause of European Jews’ growing sense of insecurity is the violence and terror perpetrated by extremist elements in the Muslim community. But at the root of even that phenomenon are changes within liberal Europe itself—specifically, the shift toward cultural relativism and away from a proud attachment to particular national identities, including the latter’s demand that newcomers adopt the norms and values of the majority culture.

Among its other consequences, this shift has created a profound dilemma for Jews, most of whom have long identified themselves with the older European liberal idea. While Israel has come to play an indispensable role in strengthening and preserving their Jewish identity, liberal Europe has become increasingly hostile to the very idea of a Jewish state. As a result, European Jews have been presented with a choice: they can either retain their attachments to Israel despite growing censure, or they can join the chorus of European critics at the expense of their own identity.

  • The most painful thing for us Jews today is the virulent support of more and more Europeans and other Westerners (mostly left-leaning) for the “Palestinian” Arabs against Israel. The refusal of these same people to acknowledge the violent anti-Semitism of Arabs and other Moslems in Western countries is a corollary, since they are stuck in the make-believe that such anti-Semites are justified. The result is that these Westerners can only be suspected of having anti-Semitic feelings themselves, though they won’t admit them, and even make a big show of honoring the dead Jews of the Shoah (at least some of them).

    • Pete_Brewster

      Look. Our elites, faced with an enemy who match the profile associated with Jews in Der Stürmer to the letter, and far worse besides, welcome them with open arms, the blood of six million still dripping from their hands. That tells you how much interest in liberty they ever had.

      The common folk of Germany can at least get credit for having learnt their lesson that it never pays to persecute the Jews or tolerate those who do so. It’s Comrade Erika who insists on re-sitting the lesson.

  • tom_billesley

    To be succeeded by “Post-Jewish Europe and its Christian Problem”.

  • David

    or they can join the chorus of European critics at the expense of their own identity.
    History makes it perfectly clear that that will not save them.

  • If you are trying to make a big stew, you can add lots of different tasty things. But the minute you add a big dog turd, the entire stew is ruined.

    The European multi culti stew has been trashed by the Islamic dog turd.

    Rather than criticize the dog, the Euro elites find it convenient to blame the Jews.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The other alternative would be for European Jews to return to Israel. All that is happening was foreseen by Theodor Herzl nearly 120 years ago.