Muslim clerics are issuing so many fatwas in moderate Malaysia – banning everything from botox to coffee made from animal poo – there is now a website to help locals keep up

Muslim clerics have issued fatwas banning everything from yoga to Valentines Day in Malaysia in a bid to stop the influence of Western culture.

While Malaysia is a bastion of Islam, many residents see themselves as both devout to their faith and cosmopolitan in their interests.

But as Malaysia becomes more modern in its thinking and culture its state-backed religious authorities are fighting to slow progress by issuing some 1,500-plus rulings.

  • ontario john

    I like the parts on what age of goats to have sex with, and how to beat your slaves in a humane way.

  • Malaysians, you have been colonized by Arabs.

    Why do you pray in Arabic and bow towards Mecca. That does not sound vary Malaysian.

    Get rid of your Arab masters.

  • Xavier

    My very own fatwa is on the bucket list. This is my chance.

  • DMB

    A fatwa will eventually be declared banning the internet.