Lights go out on German protesters: Authorities switch off power at famous landmarks as they show disapproval at demonstrations against the ‘Islamisation of Europe’

Useful idiots plus immigrants themselves: One person in Cologne – where just 250 anti-immigrant demonstrators turned up – waved a flag saying ‘I love immigration’

Germany was plunged into darkness last night as the authorities switched off the lights at some of the country’s most famous landmarks in a mark of disapproval at protests against the so-called ‘Islamisation of Europe’.

Protesters from the mounting right-wing group the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West marched through the streets of several German cities in the latest round of demonstrations against what they say is the growing influence of Islam on the country.

But campaigners in Cologne, Berlin and Dresden were met with darkness as opponents staged a silent coordinated campaign to switch off the power at a number of buildings.

In Cologne, where the PEGIDA campaigners were heavily outnumbered, the square around Cologne Cathedral – one of Germany’s most famous landmarks – was plunged into darkness…


The highest number yet of participants took part in a demonstration called by anti-immigration group PEGIDA in Dresden, seen as the birthplace of the movement.


Cologne Cathedral provost Norbert Feldhoff said that shutting down the lights was an attempt to make the demonstrators think twice about their protest.

The “lights out” silliness will change no one’s mind. Yet it just the start of the elite fighting back.