Indonesian ISIS fighter sends threat message back home

In a video , Abu Jandal al Yemeni al Indonesi – aka Salim Mubarok Attamimi – warns that the group will slaughter Indonesians soldiers, police or Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) members who oppose the establishment of Sharia law in Indonesia.

In the clip, which began appearing on YouTube on December 24, the speaker addresses the Indonesian military commander by name.

“I am sending this message to you, Moeldoko, the National Police, and Densus 88, as well as Banser,” Abu Jandal states, referring to NU’s security wing.

“We are awaiting your arrival here (in Syria)… If you’re not coming, we will come to you. We will return to Indonesia to enforce Sharia Islam. For those who are against us, we will slaughter each of you one by one”.

  • winniec

    A letter home! How nice! Lessee…”Wishing you were here in Syria…so we could SLAUGHTER YOU!”
    Normative Islam is ISIS. ISIS is MASS PSYCHOPATHY!

  • Jan Morrissy

    Why are all these islamist guys so repulsive? Even if they were discussing the lovely weather they’ve been having in Indonesia, he’d still be nauseating to look at.
    I wish they would just f-off and die and I never think of such horrible things about anybody until 9/11 made us sit up and take notice of the killer cult.
    I was a pacifist, liberal tree-hugging idiot. No more. I could kill one of these bastards in a heartbeat and feel no remorse…. maybe even a bit of joy!

    • Mohammed Suqzdiq

      We all wake up at different rates. Nice to know you can now clearly see the obvious.

  • Barrington Minge

    All mouth and no trousers!

  • jcd0101

    ahh the religion of pieces islam..
    so nice of you to tell the truth…

    Dont worry democrats and obama wont say a word..
    I wonder if the main stream media will wise up – before they too are targeted ???
    somehow i doubt it…

  • lin

    Islam is the devil. It is not a religion. It only survives by force. Mohammed was a false prophet. The world must unite against this evil system of beliefs. Fight fire with fire. Arm yourselves…….