Erdogan is at it again: Time to crack down on ‘Islamophobia’, Turkey’s Erdogan tells EU

Meme created at the time of a “Zionist bird” episode in Turkey. Like Zionist trees, Zionist birds are a constant threat in the Middle East.

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday warned the European Union it should crack down on “Islamophobia” amid rising anti-Muslim protests instead of trying to teach Turkey lessons about democracy.

Erdogan told Turkey’s ambassadors posted abroad in a speech in Ankara that they should pursue an assertive foreign policy to represent strong and self-confident “new Turkey” under his rule.

In a new attack on the EU, Erdogan called on the 28-member bloc to “revisit its Turkey policy”, accusing Europe of dragging its feet on Ankara’s decade-old membership bid.

“Believe me it is regrettable that the EU is trying teach a lesson to Turkey instead of trying to tackle very serious threats it is facing,” he said.

Erdogan said racist, discriminatory activities and Islamophobia were on the rise in Europe, complaining that racist organisations won sympathy in some Western societies with “each passing day”.

“The Islamophobia, which we constantly draw attention to and warn of, represents a serious threat in Europe”…

Take a hike, Erdogan. We are not interested in your opinion. You are a kuffarphobe.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I think its time this kook and his aptly-named country became part of the EU. Really make a complete pig’s breakfast of the whole thing. 🙂

    • You know that makes as much sense as anything else.

    • Frau Katze

      He’s getting delusions of grandeur. I expect it to get worse.

      • winniec

        He calls ‘racist’ while he conveniently forgets all his own ‘racist’ remarks against the persecuted Kurdish minority.

  • winniec

    And the biggest turkey in the country is…
    Erdogan and his FLAT EARTH party have no place in the modern world and the global village. His xenophobia is very offensive and counterproductive to the economy of his country. The voters should realize how much damage he’s doing whenever he opens his yap.

    • Exile1981

      I’m not sure if he is grossly delusional or just an idiot who says what ever comes to mind then tries to cover them up by doubling down. In a way I figure he’s kind of like Joe Biden.

  • pdxnag

    Isn’t a phantom fear a disease, more akin to alcoholism or sexophbia? It would deserve sympathy and treatment.

    Here Erdogan wants to attack people whom he claims fear attack by Muslims?

  • Mohammed Suqzdiq

    Oh, Erdogan, still playing the ‘race’ thing with people who despise islam? Were people who were against Nazism in the 1930’s ‘racists’ too?

    As far as Turkey and the EU goes – it would be sheer insanity to let Turkey join the EU. How would the EU benefit at all????

  • The day Turkey joins the EU, God forbid, is the day the EU becomes Eurabia.
    Turkey has 75 million people to the EU’s 500 million.