Anti-Islam demo heads to France but ‘it won’t take off’ say experts

French anti-Islamists, inspired by the huge turn-outs at the xenophobic “Pegida” demos in Germany, have organised a protest for Paris later this month. While the organiser tells The Local “it’s just a first step”, experts say it could never take off in France.

The call has been sent out for those who oppose the “Islamisation of France” to make their feelings known in front of the Paris stock exchange on January 18th.

While the organisers accept they are unlikely to see the kind of numbers that have turned out for similar demos in the German city of Dresden in recent weeks, they say it’s just the first step.

“The movement in Germany has been around for months, for us in France this is just the start. We are only beginning here,” Pierre Cassen, from the group Riposte Laique told The Local.

His organisation whose name roughly translates as “Secular Riposte” has organised the protest under the slogan “Islamists get out of France”…

Good slogan!  Make the elite class think carefully about what they have done. 

  • Linda1000

    I bet or I hope it does take off in France. They (Cassen’s group) need to team up with that Generation Identitaire youth group and others. There were a lot of people who protested the new marriage legislation so the French know how to rally.

  • Petrilla

    Pegita started d with a few. It will end with bigger than the Berlin Wall. EU people, presumably free tell Merkel, don’t you DAREtell people not to join PEgIda. The people speak. Pegida now speaks. It is about time the UN lost all credibility. The UN lecturing Canada? What stupidity, what ridiculousness. How about the UN giving us a full accounting of every wife’s purchases since they arrived in Canada. DO tell, every wife of a dictator, what she bought in Canada? So do not tell me Pergita is not right? I think every stinking wife of every stinking filthy dicataor who bought anything for his many wives is wrong. But that is just me. Methinks the once rich Saudis will be wrong and for once have to face their own people. Instead of cutting off hands, these barbaric people will say women c#n drive.

    • winniec

      Most of them marry a first cousin. They can bring one wife in regularly and the other one comes as a cousin.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Hmmmm, ‘has organized the protest under the slogan “Islamists get out of Canada’
    No, I can’t see it even getting off the ground here. The sheeple are just too well-trained to the PC way. And besides, PM Justin would have the leaders thrown into prison. 🙁

  • ntt1

    the German demos started small with regular meetings and continue to grow nightly, the French already have Identitaire as a seed group and the new focus will undoubtably grow.

  • john700

    “Secular Riposte” ? – The largest rallies in France in recent years were those organized by the Catholics against homosexual marriage. 500,000 people took part. Fighting a strong religion – Islam- with secular crap or “values” like homosexuality and feminism would not work at all. I would not attend such a rally.

  • Jay Currie

    It is surprising what can happen if you start small.

    I know a few French people and they and their relatives are completely fed up.

  • winniec

    “Islamists get out of France”
    That IS a good slogan. How about this: “Islamists get out of Canada”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Said President Truman, “An expert is someone who’s afraid of anything new, because then he wouldn’t be an expert anymore.”

  • There were big anti-homosexual demos, but the government simply ignored them all and went ahead with their pro-homo legislation.
    Anti-Islam sentiment must be translated into actual votes in elections to be truly effective.

  • luna