The Barbary Powers War: Islam is a Religion of the Sword

You can listen to our broadcast by clicking here, or download the audio MP3 here. Below are show notes transcribed from their AFR show 12-27-2014.

Few today in our country have ever heard of this war. The Barbary Powers War is being swept away into America’s forgotten history, when it should not be so. This war shows how extremist Muslims and Muslim terrorists have always been the enemy of America.

This is a piece of history that is not being taught in our schools. It is an essential part of understanding one of the essential aspects of Islam. Islam is a religion of the sword. When people tell you that Islam is a religion of peace it doesn’t pass the test of historical fact. We see the violence of Islam from the time of its inception and yet we are being sold the lie that it is a religion of peace. What is amazing is that it is accepted by so many intelligent people…