Spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of America responds to accusations in attack letters

DEARBORN — Sayed Hassan Qazwini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of America (ICA), responded for the first time to a series of anonymous letters attacking him and the center in an interview with The Arab American News.

The letters, sent via mail to homes across Dearborn, accuse Qazwini of corruption, among other wrongdoings. The sayed denied all the claims in the letters, describing them as attacks on the Muslim community.

One of the letters claim that Qazwini “illegally” sends Khums money to his father’s institutions in Iraq and California. Khums is a form of mandated alms in Shi’a Islam.

Qazwini said the Khums money does not belong to the center, so he cannot keep it.


Interesting, money, specifically the “Mahdi’s” share, is sent to Iran. I have to believe Canada’s Shi’ite community also send money to Iran. I wonder how this might affect their charitable status?