Soon to be Ex… Egypt President: “Is it Possible Muslims Should Want to Kill the Rest of the World?”

JERUSALEM—In a speech on New Year’s day, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for a “religious revolution” in Islam that would displace violent jihad from the center of Muslim discourse.

“Is it possible that 1.6 billion people (Muslims worldwide) should want to kill the rest of the world’s population—that is, 7 billion people—so that they themselves may live?” he asked.


I do not see this as an earth shaking event for Islam. Not even for Egypt. I wish it held weight but I suspect al-Sisi made this speech for western audiences.

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  • The Goat

    What language did he deliver the speech in?

    • moraywatson


  • Sisi said the obvious.

    Islam teaches an insidious form of hatred against others. And it teaches devout followers to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    Virtually all of Islam’s problems stem from these “religious” teachings.

    If Islam did not have an army of unseen devout followers (who believe these teachings) willing to kill, Islams problems could be dealt with.

    Without some sort of “religious revolution” (reformation), Islam’s problems will continue to significantly effect civilization.

    • winniec

      ‘Innovation’ is blasphemy.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I’ll believe him when he doesn’t interfere with Morsi’s to hanging.

  • Jan Morrissy

    Is this the first time a leader of a muslim majority country has stated this blatant truth with such straightforward honesty?
    When he said, ” (Islam) is antagonizing the entire world.”…. ahhh (finally)
    This speech was welcomed with open arms by the ‘entire world’ (well, maybe not ALL of us 🙂

    The resounding silence of leaders has been almost unbearable. It seems as if this Islam-thing was indefatigably taking over. There is a *ray* of hope! Just a little one, but something…. better than nothing.
    He must have delivered the speech in Egyptian/arabic as I haven’t seen a video of it yet.

    • moraywatson

      Problem is he didn’t “state” anything. He asked rhetorical questions and then immediately denied they had any basis in reality.

      • Jan Morrissy

        Did he deny it after? That addendum may save his neck.

  • Exile1981

    Go to the original article and see that there are two different translations. I take that what he is saying is that the religion of islam has to be more centrally controlled and less driven by non-nations like ISIS.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If they want a Protestant Reformation then they’re going to have to get through their own Thirty Year’s War and in that war about a third of all Germans were killed. Which is a start I suppose but we should be be shocked when the have that level of violence. A third of all Muslims slaughtered by one another? I can hardly wait for the New York Times and the UN to blame that on Israel too.

    • Jay Currie

      They’ve had their Reformation – Wahabbis are Islam’s Protestants.

      What Islam needs is an Enlightenment where religion is separated from the state.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Now they had their key schism back when Shia and Suna fractured.

        • Jay Currie

          Yup, you can map that onto the split between the Latin and Orthodox rites in the early Christian Church – except it was much more political.

      • moraywatson

        Hey! That “wahabbism as protestant reformation” shtick belongs to Ingrid Mattson. Get your own delusion. 😉

  • Xavier

    No it is not “Possible Muslims Should Want to Kill the Rest of the World”.

    They want to save a sizable number of dhimmi for slaves.

    • JeremyKNewsome

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    • Well of course, this al-Sisi guy is some kind of publicity hound;)

  • winniec

    Sisi is asking the mullahs to commit ‘bida’ which is ‘innovation’. He is asking them to change Islam by introducing ‘new thinking’. This is a blasphemous sin that amounts to ‘leaving Islam’ as we know it. There is no real way to modernize Islam. It must simply be abandoned. Islam is the creation of the early caliphs who were all members of Mohammed’s clan and fighting and murdering their own cousins for the throne of the Arab empire. Over a period of 200 years, the caliphs created Islam based on repeated edits of materials that were pagan. The result was a tidied up paganism based on Arab tribalism. That’s why Islam is so barbaric. I wonder if Sisi actually understands that Islam cannot, in fact, be reformed.

  • moraywatson

    Rhetorical questions about the existential political agenda of islam, even from Gen Sisi, don’t impress me.

  • Freedom

    I give the Egyptian President a lot of credit, at least he is fighting the terrorists.