Now that’s a really dumb rule…

Interfaithy Rabbi loves the Aga Khan’s Museum.

“The rule formulated by the late Swedish-American theologian Krister Stendahl that I’ve cited before in this column helps us to understand the essence of interfaith and intercultural relations: always compare their best with your best, not their worst with your best.”


Seems Sweden took that rule to heart and look where that’s gotten them.

The Aga Khan is head of the minority Ismaili sect, an offshoot of Shia Islam. Sunni’s regard them as apostate and they face persecution in the likes of Saudi Arabia & Pakistan. Doctrinal differences put them at odds with “mainstream” Shia Islam. In short they do not represent “Islam” but rather the wish-dream Islam of gullible interfaithers.

The MSM continues to be irresponsible in not pointing these facts out to readers.

h/t Ontario John

  • Martin B

    The Aga Khan’s museum should follow this rule and display everything that Muslims do best – goat humping, suicide bombing, honour killing…

  • marty_p

    The anti-Semitic/anti Israel Toronto Star (and Crescent) has outdone themselves today – we have this Rabbi writing an idiotic article that manages to go from “Islam is wonderful to “orthodox Jews despise what we stand for…”
    We have an article about a Jewish contractor who goes bankrupt and leaves customers in the lurch and because his name isn’t obviously Jewish – the Star manages to conveniently mention that his customers are “picketing the local Jewish school to make sure everybody in the Jewish community can know”. The mention of the religious affiliation of the contractor is irrelevant to the issue of his customers and their loss of money and violates the Star’s own policy of typically not mentioning the racial/religious/ethnic background of individuals unless crucial to an article. As the old saying goes …If I had a nickel for every Star article that reports “police are looking for a man” while every other media outlet gives a succinct description that leaves little doubt as to who the police are looking for.