Mali: Follow The Money Straight To Hell

January 5, 2015: Despite constant pressure from 9,000 French troops and African peacekeepers Islamic terrorists in northern Mali continue to fight back. Since the Islamic terrorists were shut down up there in mid-2013 the peacekeepers have suffered 30 dead and over a hundred wounded. Another 13 civilian support personnel were killed. The persistence of the Islamic terrorists in the area is not just about ideology, but money. Islamic terrorists have, for about a decade, been running a very profitable cocaine smuggling operation that runs from Guinea-Bissau (where the stuff is flown or shipped in from South America) and then moved north to the Mediterranean coast and finally the more than four million cocaine users in Europe. This effort brings in over $100 million a year for the Islamic terrorists involved and has proved impossible to shut down. The French move into northern Mali in 2013 disrupted the cocaine operation, but the smugglers reorganized and, thanks to all that cash, were able to hire new people (and bribe new officials) to get the shipments moving north again.

  • Exile1981

    100 mil profit is a lot of cash

    • JeremyKNewsome

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  • Islam harnesses the worst of human frailties to help spread Islam.

    Islamic thugs, backed by jihadists, work the drug trade. As long as they do not provide drugs to Muslims.

    The drug weakened non-Muslim populations are then an easy target for the jihadis.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You don’t hear very much about the al Qaeda franchise in northern Mali because the Tuaregs are pretty much the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. They make the Star Wars Tusken Raiders look like a Disney cruise. In northern Mali there are no buildings or geological features at all. You drive with a compass. About 5″ of rain and an annual average temperature of 90 degrees.