Europe Sells Off Churches, Raising Questions about its Religious Future

According to a Wall Street Journal report Friday, hundreds of churches are being closed across Western Europe, “threatened by plunging membership,” and now pose a question for communities regarding the fate of the “now-empty buildings.”

Europe, the article asserts, “is becoming relentlessly secular,” and the closing of its churches “reflects the rapid weakening of the faith in Europe, a phenomenon that is painful to both worshipers and others who see religion as a unifying factor in a disparate society.”

While Christianity languishes, Islam has grown steadily, mostly as a result of immigration from Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East, but also because of a higher birthrate vis-à-vis the rest of the population.

In the 20 years from 1990 to 2010, the Muslim population in Europe grew from 29.6 million to 44.1 million and is projected to exceed 58 million by 2030. Muslims in 2011 made up some 6% of Europe’s total population, up from only 4.1% in 1990.

  • Icebow

    Go Pegida, etc.. Muzz vileness must not stand.

  • tom_billesley

    Conversion of churches and chapels to mosques is more dismal than their demolition

  • Xavier

    There are no “Questions” about Europe’s religious future.

    What the government wants, the government gets.
    And what they want is more uneducated taxpayers.

  • Linda1000

    That’s a great summary article at Brietbart.
    Even more depressing than the Paris suburbs – read about Marseille, the second largest city in France.
    According to PEW Research (2010 Estimates) France had 4.7 million muslim pop. (6-8.5%) so the 2013 figure of 10% makes sense.
    Germany is right behind France with 4.1 million muslim pop. as of 2010 and the U.K. had almost 2.9 million.

    • Xavier

      I reference this link a lot (although the figures are out of date – things are worse) because it unequivocally shows what happens to societies as Islam invades. Continuing Moslem immigration, plus high birth rates for Moslem immigrants, plus a Moslem population emboldened by government encouragement mean Sharia will be implemented even sooner than it may appear at first estimate. Individual regions will serve as bellwethers as their demographics shift toward Moslem control ahead of the entire country.

  • The Goat

    Can’t wait for that papal encyclical on Global Warming. That’s what we really need.

  • Brett_McS

    In Sweden, the state pays for the upkeep of church buildings – the classic simple wooden structures. But there is no Church there, just buildings.

  • Europeans decided long ago that their traditional values should be replaced with the government, the bureaucratic engine that has welcomed Islamism because it needs the votes and is too cowardly to stand up against their madness.

    What one is witnessing are the results of this displacement.

    Just watch it happen. Only the Europeans can save themselves, if they choose to.

  • David Murrell

    In North America there is an evangelical side to Christianity (I’m an evangelical Christian), which keep numbers up in certain churches. But it is hard convincing older Christians of the need to evangelize, to bring people into Churches. And, as noted on this thread, governments and the intellectual elite strongly oppose Christianity, as much as they support Islamism. So it is difficult to buck this trend, of declining Christianity and rising Islamism. In Europe, essentially, the tide has turned permanently in Islam’s favour.

  • Paulla

    On the bright side, — Christianity is growing in China, and other Asian and African countries.

    • Brett_McS

      I’ve posted this before, but here is a photo of a house church I took in western China, in a mostly Muslim area. There are now more Christians in China than members of the Communist Party.