Dalhousie University suspends 13 dentistry students from clinical activities over Facebook posts

Dalhousie University has suspended 13 students from all clinical activities of its dentistry program for allegedly posting sexually hateful messages online about female classmates.

The announcement was made Monday morning in a statement released by university president Richard Florizone, who on Dec. 17, said a restorative justice process would be used against those allegedly behind the posts.

“The suspension is necessary to ensure a safe and supportive environment for patients and classmates who participate in the clinics,” reads the statement, which is also from Dr. Thomas Boran, the dean at the faculty of dentistry.


This seems to be Jumping the Shark.

Update: Dalhousie suspensions were held off for fears of ‘potential self-harm’

  • Exile1981

    There comments were tacky and offensive but most of the students complaining loudest were not in anyway involved or one of the women the men discussed. This seems like a case of a few radical feminazis trying to force the university to punish harshly those who they believe are evil.

    • Yup it has gone way overboard.

    • JeremyKNewsome

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      • Clausewitz

        Will someone please wipe this annoying douche from the site. Pleeeeeeeasse.

        • He’s come back with a new IP (still Pakistan). I banned him again. We’ll just have to keep deleting him when we see him, unless BCF can turn up the spam filter somehow.

    • I haven’t actually read these comments. Do you have a link? I’d be curious.

      • Exile1981

        They were in the article linked above, but kkruger listed the 3 worst ones below. There was also a discussion of which women in there program they most wanted to have sex with.

  • kkruger71

    Took all of about 1/2 dozen comments on that article before someone started talking about Hitler.
    The “Does this smell like chloroform” joke has been around for years, the one about having sex with a girl until she is unconscious thing is a far older joke than that, and since when has “hate fuck” been anything other than what it reads, sex between two people who don’t like each other but find each other sexually provocative? There has never been a raped/forced element to that bit of slang that I’ve ever seen.
    The most these guys should get is a slap on the wrist and a bad reputation.

    • I agree, it was a stupid thing to do by the students, but isn’t as if they committed a crime.

  • John S

    As stupid as this whole thing is, it is the right of the university to take such actions. If you want something from an organization or your government, then you have to play by their stupid rules. These guys could have known what a tight assed politically correct hornets nest they were attending and should have been more careful. That being said, it is a crying shame that people are willing to destroy these guys futures as dentists because they said some sexist things.
    Whenever I got too upset at the way things were my dad would reassure me by saying that things would someday swing the other way. I am left wondering whether we will swing back towards freedom of speech and belief in time. How far of a step is it between punishing people for their beliefs and punishing them for their disbelief?

    • Minicapt

      Unless you keep telling the ‘authorities’ that they are behaving stupidly in these situations, etc, the swing back is not likely to occur.


  • pdxnag

    Maybe they should have feigned interest in Islam, so that they could take these girls as sex slaves as Allah has allowed, and done much much more to them? Folks might then have taken them seriously and left them alone because of fear.

    Taboos, just like in Islam itself, have to be taught by periodically punishing somebody publicly so that most folks have a living memory of what the punishes think is right and wrong.

  • Sean

    Alternate title: “Strong, Independent (TM) Women complain to men to put a stop to other men.”

  • My take on this is: it wasn’t gentlemanly. Gentlemen don’t publicly talk about “hate-fucking” women they know and etc. But the word “gentlemen” is so out of date, isn’t it? Archaic. Sexist. The PC university types have told these dumb boys, (and nobody grows up anymore so lets call them “boys”), all their lives, not to be gentlemen. But men who aren’t given the option of being gentlemen don’t always become castrati; more often they become boors, thugs.

    Which is all this is, BTW. If there’d been a genuine rape threat I’d be the first to be calling for expulsion and worse.

    • b_marco

      I guess this would be another one of those inopportune times to ask for you to show iz yer stems

  • J. C.

    In an age where most women behave like feral whores ’til they’re 35 and then seriously expect marriage proposals from ‘nice guys’ (aka: ‘suckers with money’), do the Facebook posts of these young men really surprise anyone??? To be honest, a group of young louts who’ll soon be certified in a profession that pays extremely well ought be seen as very attractive by young women today. Bad boys with big incomes… The ultimate catches!

  • Edubeat

    Dear DalU… Suck it Up Buttercups…