Counter-Culture 2015 – Let’s Be Offensive!

Holiday’s over. Back to the barricades.

For American artists, writers, thinkers, moms, dads, coaches, teachers, and other human beings, the work to create a counter-culture to end and replace the poisonous culture of the left continues. As our government and academies and entertainers try to sell us on slave values like Equality, we have to rebuild and promote the concept of Individual Liberty, the central value of free men and women.

In place of the whining, manipulative Victim Power of feminists and race-baiters, we have to lift up the idea of Power through Personal Responsibility, the only path to dignity. And in place of the cushioned chains of government-sponsored safety Obama and his corrupt minions try to push on us day after day, we have to teach and defend the fearful glory of Independence.

And so we will have to offend people. A lot of people. A lot of the time…

  • Jay Currie

    “I’m offended” is a phrase along with “That’s inappropriate” which can be confidently ignored if not met with “too damn bad” or “tough”.

    It is a content free statement about someone’s mental state. Which means it does not actually matter. Treated that way the losers who use it will either retreat, burst into tears or call the hall monitor. As we are no longer in high school the last option is kinda pointless – and where are Bernie, Lucy and the Jackal these days.