Anarcho-Communists Are Now Controlling The #blacklivesmatter Movement

That is of course assuming they didn’t control it entirely from the very beginning, and I believe that they did. That and every contemporary “black lives matter” protest since at least Ferguson, but possibly going back to the early days of the Trayvon Martin protests that fizzled out in apathy.

Well, they have re-tooled their campaign, and broadened their message to include the false meme that blacks are wantonly being gunned down by Whites, and especially White police officers. That is of course a lie, but they don’t care. If they can start a “Helter Skelter” like race war (Manson not Beatles) and then control it, they are perfectly happy with that. That this inexorably lead to the tragic murder of two NYPD officers and attacks on many more officers in both the USA and elsewhere means nothing to these creeps. They really do hate you, and they really do want you dead, and they really do have blood on their hands.

Apparently part of their playbook has found itself on-line and they are none too happy about it. In fact, they are so unhappy about the exposure, that they DDOS’d and took off-line the conservative site Weasel Zippers, which as of right now, is STILL offline after several hours. Let’s just hope that the firewall that protects this site is made of sturdier stuff!

I’m currently looking into actual names, and organizational structure, and I will post more on that as additional info become available.

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H/T to Soopermexican and The Right Scoop