The British Public Must Now Take Hold Of The Establishment Pedophile Scandal

I spent the month of November in the United States, whilst there the UK Home Office’s “Independent Investigation” into historical child abuse in Westminster hit new levels of absurdity when the SECOND appointed head of the investigation resigned due to links to those implicated in a paedophile ring.

The issue has historically been ignored as much as possible in the UK, and has barely yet reached the mainstream US media, but in discussing the matter with those in American politics and media, no-one could understand how the government of the United Kingdom could have harboured, covered up and failed to investigate consistent claims of organised child abuse within the British Establishment for 50 years, with damning evidence of sexual abuse in Parliament past and present still being dismissed, without something tantamount to a public revolution and citizen’s coup occurring to tear down any establishment that would allow this behavior to flourish unchecked.