“The attack was applauded by normal bystanders”

German protesters from anti-Islamic ‘Pegida’ movement attack migrant youths

As Germany prepares for further mass street demonstrations by the controversial anti-Islam protest movement “Pegida”, disturbing evidence has emerged linking the group’s supporters to a brutal knife and club attack on migrant youths.

Pegida, whose initials stand for “Patriotic Europeans against Islamisation of the Occident”, is anticipating at least 20,000 attendees at its ninth mass protest rally in the eastern city of Dresden and other German provincial capitals, including Cologne, on Monday.

Dresden police said on Sunday that they were investigating an incident which was said to have taken place immediately after a 17,500-strong Pegida rally in the city on 22 December. Berlin’s leftist Taz newspaper said that shortly after the protest, a group of some 50 masked and armed Pegida supporters stormed the city’s Galeria shopping mall and attacked a group of 30 migrant youths.

“The attack was applauded by normal bystanders,” Hmmm… Let’s see the alleged  PEGIDA members are described as a “Gang” while the “Migrant Yutes” are described as a “Group”, isn’t that an odd bit of phraseology. What might the “Migrant Yutes” have been up to before hand that caused “Normal Bystanders” to applaud the actions of PEGIDA? Doesn’t it seem odd that a “Group” of 30 would decide to go shopping in a mall together?

This incident didn’t happen in a vacuum and I suggest you take any reporting on PEGIDA by the MSM with a very large grain of salt.  The MSM has gone out of their way to tar them, even resorting to interviewing a fake racist who turned out to be an MSM reporter, naturally. Do note that the independent had the decency to point out that its source for this story was a local left wing rag.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I guess violent anti Islam actions had to start somewhere since European governments seem content to allow it to take over their countries.

    Germans have a long history of that kind of activity. PEGIDA represents far far fewer members and will, if necessary, be easier to control than the cult of Islam.
    For now, I wish them success.

    • I do as well. Until proven otherwise they are a legitimate protest.

  • cmh

    good….violence is the only solution for muslims because they will just keep coming back… (I am feeling all juiced up , just finished reading “Icon of Evil”).

  • Veracious_one

    continued Muslim violence will only fuel the anti-Islam movement fires.

  • eMan14

    My only surprise at this is that governments are seemingly shocked that anti-Muslim protests are happening at all.

    • I have long maintained, the public is far ahead of the political class on this issue, you can see it for yourself in newspaper article comments and dare I say by the increasing readership of this blog.

  • “The MSM has gone out of their way to tar them”